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Of the total, 110 financial statements were given Audit Certificate Without Reprimand, 17 given Audit Certificate Without Reprimand with Emphasis of Matter, Audit Certificate with Reprimand (six), Conflicting (one) and Disowning (one).
Advanced Defined Benefit Plans Audit Certificate Exam (#164750, online access; #GT-ADBP-EXAM, group pricing)
They said the companies would provide audit certificate annually from their statutory auditors that the due amount of social welfare obligation had been discharged by transferring to the joint account as per PCA and social welfare guidelines.
Recommendations Building control authorities in Pakistan should issue stability certificate for maximum of 30 years; No rehabilitation/ repair work should be allowed without Structural Audit;Government and public buildings must display Structural Audit Certificate on a building's entrance.
An unqualified opinion and the audit certificate on the accounts were issued on the 29th September 2014.
Rosprirodnadzor is in the process of writing an audit certificate to submit to Yakutugol, which will officially detail the violations.
JFWD has been awarded a Substantial Assurance Audit certificate by the MoD's asset accounting centre, the highest accolade for that type of operation, and its personnel are cleared by the MoD to counterterrorist level.
Even now, where there are more than a 100 publications that have a BPA audit certificate, to a large extent many media buyers simply are not treating it as anything more than a tick box that makes them feel good.
Net Jets Europe is the first dedicated business jet operator to hold the internationally recognised IATA Operational Safety Audit certificate from the International Air Transport Association--the most highly regarded safety accreditation in the world.
At the end of 2008, any airline that does not possess a safety audit certificate will be excluded from the IATA and AFRAA.
Also appended is a pro forma audit certificate. Public funding for training delivery paid to private providers by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and state and territory training authorities or departments is also included in this collection.
Since the audit certificate is virtually identical in wording for every client, it is all too easy for a credit manager to overlook what is said, and even more important, what is not said.
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