audiogenic seizure

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au·di·o·gen·ic sei·zure

a reflex seizure precipitated by loud noises, rare in humans. Audiogenic seizures in rodents are an animal model of epilepsy.

au·di·o·gen·ic sei·zure

(awdē-ō-jenik sēzhŭr)
Reflex seizure precipitated by loud noises, rare in humans.


1. the sudden attack or recurrence of a disease.
2. a convulsion or attack of epilepsy.

audiogenic seizure
a seizure brought on by sound.
cerebral seizure
an attack of epilepsy.
epileptiform seizure
focal seizure
see partial seizure (below).
generalized seizure
see grand mal seizure (below).
grand mal seizure
one with no localizing signs. After a brief period of restlessness, there is unconsciousness, generalized muscular activity, excessive salivation, chewing activity, opisthotonos, running movements, and often urination and defecation. The most common type of seizure in dogs and cats.
Jacksonian seizure
partial seizure
one restricted to a focus in the brain; signs correspond to the area affected, e.g. motor activity of an isolated area or limb, hallucinations such as fly catching, apparent blindness, behavioral abnormalities, etc. Called also focal seizures.
petit mal seizure
a mild, very brief generalized seizure. See also petit mal.
photogenic seizure
a seizure brought on by light.
psychomotor seizure
motor seizures accompanied by a psychic stage. There are hallucinations, salivation, pupillary dilatation, mastication, fecal and urinary excretion, and wild running. Seen in dogs with lesions in the pyriform lobe or hippocampus and from poisoning with agenized flour (canine hysteria). Called also running fits.
tetanic seizure
see tetany.
seizure threshold
the level of stimulation at which a seizure is precipitated.
tonic seizure
one in which the muscles are rigid.
tonic-clonic seizure
alternating tonic (rigid muscles) and clonic (jerking of muscles) phases; a grand mal seizure.