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Skip Baldino, EGS President and CEO said, The TIF procedure for reflux has the potential to help millions of patients that suffer from typical and atypical GERD symptoms.
This includes discussion of functional heartburn, pain receptors, neutral reflux in typical and atypical GERD symptoms, and molecular pathways and cortical processing.
Results from a poll presented at the meeting also showed that people with atypical GERD symptoms were more likely to have sleeping problems.
In 43 patients who showed atypical GERD symptoms (abdominal discomfort, belch, catarrh, dysphagia, choking, globus, hoarseness, cough, wheeze, or acid taste), a positive SI occurred with nonacid reflux in 23% and with acid reflux in 2% of the patients.
Extraluminal or atypical GERD is known to manifest with wheezing, often in the absence of heartburn.
6-20) GERD patients who did not have heartburn were considered to have atypical GERD, and it was the prevailing belief that laryngopharyngeal symptoms were not the result of actual reflux of gastric contents into the throat, but rather the result of vagally mediated reflexes.
The study will assess both typical GERD symptoms such as heartburn and atypical GERD manifestations such as persistent cough, laryngitis and asthma.
Noncardiac chest pain, subglottic stenosis, and laryngeal polyps, edema, and erythema are other common manifestations of atypical GERD.

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