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attunements (t·tōōnˑ·mnts), in Reiki, ceremonial procedures in which a practitioner's energy field is aligned to access the universal life energy and transferred to others through the hands. Also called
alignments or
initiations. See also Reiki.
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In other words, every Dasein has the same structure of attunement--in that attunement is a condition for the possibility of existence in the world--whereas the way in which one is attuned through a specific mood can change according to context.
This set the framework for me to consider the ontological harm of racial oppression by modifying and developing Heidegger's account of attunement.
Perhaps one difficulty is that attunement is understood not only as being with, but being with in a similar way.
My whole body might experience the loss of attunement as rage or shame, a feeling that can become directed towards myself (how did I let myself get caught up in this?
Heidegger presents throwness as another mood characteristic part of one's attunement that is the way throwness is disclosed to oneself.
Although both the scientific object and art object have become present-to-hand because in both cases we merely tarry-alongside them, we do "tarry-alongside" with different attunements: one is scientific, the other, aesthetic attunement.
7) While I cannot argue the point here, I shall simply assert that I believe it is in fact necessary to accept the conception of a special attitude or way of engaging or way of seeing or way of attuning to an artwork (8) such that it is able to unfold its artful character, that such an attunement requires distancing or separating or isolating the art-object from our ordinary worldly (i.
are constituted within a fundamental attunement, the mood (original emphasis).
Authenticity calls forth attention to what the attunement to profound boredom discloses.
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For an understanding of the potential revelatory and emancipatory force of such a language and the form that it might take in the "writing" and "speaking" of the educational phenomenon, Huebner (1999) offers a vista into a form of curriculum language that opens and establishes a new context for the unfolding of education wherein the technical and serviceable functions of language are held in abeyance, and through a transcendent mode of attunement are replaced or supplanted by what Huebner calls the "poetic" potential of language to bring forth new worlds.