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The documents say Attune would transfer four trailer loads of cereal and granola products each day from its Prairie Road factory to the High Banks Road warehouse.
Karthee Madasamy, Vice President, Qualcomm Ventures India said, Qualcomm is pleased to make the first investment from its $150 million Strategic Venture Fund in India, in Attune Technologies .
The Attune knee system is a relatively new device, with only 75,000 fitted worldwide (a similar number to the total number of knee replacements each year in the UK), but has been in development with the input of many of the best knee surgeons for the last eight years.
The anatomic patella works with the Attune knee femoral components.
An organization or a professional can subscribe to any of 28 different trainings, and get an opportunity to learn at discounted price through "Valentine Offer" from Attune University.
With Attune, we're providing the ease and convenience of cloud-based technology with expert advice and actionable guidance so companies can capture and maintain those savings.
We are pleased that Dell will be the first major PC maker to customize our popular Attune Service technology, and to recognize the cost-savings and customer service enhancements that this service will bring to millions of Dell personal computer users," said Paul Hurley, chief executive officer, Aveo Inc.
We are very pleased with our decision to standardize on Panasonic's Attune in order to serve our drive-thru guests in a timely and smooth manner," said Jackson.
The ATTUNE Rotating Platform Knee builds on DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction s strong leadership in rotating platform knees and combines that expertise with the proven technologies of the ATTUNE Knee, which is designed to enhance stability and motion.
Given research that showed us that 10 to 20 percent of knee replacement patients aren't completely satisfied with their knee replacements, improving implant performance and patient satisfaction was a key focus of the Attune knee development.
In addition to Eugene, the newly combined Attune business will have offices in Phoenix, Ariz.
These caregivers are able to attune to the inner experiences of others rather than merely their own, providing a sense of continuity and safety for those in their care.