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Relating to a posture of the body; for example, attitudinal (statotonic) reflex.
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Relating to body posture; e.g., attitudinal (statotonic) reflex.
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It is in this vein that we are calling for an attitudinal change towards the sea.
'This training provides you an opportunity for introspection to bring about the attitudinal change, which is the core value of public service.
At the Youth Summit, speakers echoed that education plays a primary role in the attitudinal development of youth, but Pakistani schools have yet to teach Pakistani youth how to effectively handle and mitigate local conflict.
Literature focusing on interpersonal communication suggests that political disagreement engenders attitudinal ambivalence within an individual, which in turn decreases one's confidence and willingness to take political actions (Eveland & Hively, 2009; Mutz, 2006).
On attitudinal theories, what makes an experience a pleasure is its relationship to the favorable attitudes of the subject who is having it.
'It also underscores the basic right of all Filipinos to mental health care while shaping the structural and attitudinal challenges to achieving positive mental health,' the DOH said.
Attitudinal Dynamics provides exchange opportunities for teachers and students.
11): 'If language was given to men to conceal their thoughts, the gesture's purpose was to disclose them.' The following section discusses the theorisation of gesture, its attitudinal meaning potential and its role in helping teachers and students respond to characterisation in children's literature stop-motion animation adaptation.
The Theory of Planned Behaviour does not harbour the attitudinal ambivalence that is caused by conflicting factors leading to unsafe acts and therefore provides an incomplete picture of the possible relationship between safety attitude and safety behaviour.
NZNO says society as a whole has a role in stopping domestic violence and promoting attitudinal change through legislation.
A few years ago, Fortune magazine featured an article titled: "Are Americans saving too much of their money?" It concluded that "The American economy, which is powered by consumer spending, limps along while those with money to spend hoard it instead." The point is that while an attitudinal predisposition to saving could be personally positive, it could be negative for the economy as a whole.
It can be concluded that properly designed effective messages related to the breast cancer issue can definitely contribute positively and can secure the desired objectives but there is a need to contribute more towards bringing change at attitudinal and behavioral levels.

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