time-gain compensation

(redirected from attenuation compensation)

time-·gain com·pen·sa·tion (TGC),

in ultrasonography, an increase in receiver gain with time to compensate for loss in echo amplitude with depth, usually due to attenuation.
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Rain Echo Attenuation Compensation Technique (REACT) is able to indicate where further bad weather may be hidden behind storm cells too dense for radar to penetrate.
Projections datasets were reconstructed using iterative OS-EM image reconstruction methods with four subsets and with different compensation methods: (1) no compensation, (2) with attenuation compensation (AC), (3) with AC and collimator-detector response (DC) compensation and (4) with AC, DC and scatter compensation (SC).
Three reconstruction strategies were compared: (1) OS-EM with attenuation compensation (AC) and post-filter parameters currently used at JHU for processing of PROSTASCINT studies, (2) OS-EM with AC and scatter compensation (SC), (3) OS-EM with AC, SC and geometric response (GRC) compensation and (4) RBI-MAP-EM with AC, SC and GRC.