attending surgeon

at·tend·ing sur·geon

a surgical member of the attending staff of a hospital.
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Patients and family members are either neutral or uncomfortable with the idea of "overlapping" or "concurrent" surgery, where the attending surgeon isn't present in the operating room for part of the procedure, according to survey results published in the November 15, 2017 issue of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.
The decision for lateral or medial graft tympanoplasty technique was at the discretion of the attending surgeon.
Known as "running two rooms" - or double-booked, simultaneous or concurrent surgery - the practice occurs in teaching hospitals where senior attending surgeons delegate trainees - usually residents or fellows - to perform parts of one surgery while the attending surgeon works on a second patient in another operating room.
Instead of having information about the patient at their fingertips, nurses wait to get briefed by the attending surgeon.
He was an attending surgeon at the Department of Cardiopulmonary Transplantation at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas.
HJD time studies showed that OR staff slowed down significantly when the attending surgeon was absent from the OR.
Luke Galloway claims offering a blood test for C-Reactive Protein, a marker for inflammation, does not provide any useful additional information to the attending surgeon.
MD, is Chief, Spinal Surgical Service, Attending Surgeon, Spine Care Institute, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY, USA.
Additional factors such as surgical resident and support staff familiarity with attending surgeon preferences, attending surgeon tardiness, and even fluoroscopy technician promptness, expertise, and awareness during pre-incision imaging may also reduce efficiency in the university setting.
The family has been reassured by doctors, but the attending surgeon admitted the boy to the intensive care unit to allow the wound to heal and his condition to improve.