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Q. what should I do to prevent heart attack?

A. The American Heart Association recommends that heart attack prevention begin by age 20. This means assessing your risk factors and working to keep them low. For those over 40, or those with multiple risk factors, it’s important to calculate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years. Many first-ever heart attacks or strokes are fatal or disabling, so prevention is critical. The sooner you begin comprehensive risk reduction, the longer and stronger your heart will beat. For the full article and a quiz to test your heart health:
the abc's of preventing a heart attack: Hope this helps.

Q. What is a heart attack mean?

A. heart attack is when the heart muscle doesn't get enough oxygen. cells start dying and it can cause a permanent damage. if it's in a big area- it can cause the heart to stop working. mostly it happens when the arteries get plugged by fat, takes years to accumulate but when it happens- it can be deadly.

Q. Is it true that Zocor helps to prevent heart attacks? I am a 54 years old male, and I have family history of cardio vascular diseases. My physician prescribed me Zocor and said it will lower the chance for heart attacks. If it is true how come not all of the population is taking this drug? Is it really a good way to prevent cardio vasculare diseases?

A. there are several drugs that are used to decrease the chance of a heart attack and i heard Zocor is one of them. it is a good prevention method but it won't help every one and it shouldn't be used without the GP's recommendation

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