attachment loss

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at·tach·ment loss

(ă-tachmĕnt laws)
A periodontal condition with loss of the tissues that attach the tooth to the alveolar process.
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Previous NHANES estimates of periodontal disease relied on partial mouth periodontal examination (PMPE) protocols that collected measurements from two randomly selected quadrants of the mouth and assessed probing depth and attachment loss at two sites per tooth.
There was no statistically significant difference in frequency of smokers, diabetics, alcohol, Percentage and number of sites with probing depth > 5mm and clinical attachment loss > 4mm, gestational weeks and birth weight in case and control group.
Oral Examination: A full-mouth periodontal examination was carried out on each subject to obtain the Plaque Score (PS), Gingivitis Score (GS), Periodontal Pocket Depth (PPD), and Clinical Attachment Loss (CAL).
Several epidemiological studies have proved smoking as primary behavioral risk factor for the increased accumulation of plaque and Periodontal attachment loss.14,15
Risk indicators for future clinical attachment loss in adult periodontitis-Patient Variables.
[IL-17A.sup.+][IL-17F.sup.-] and [IL-17A.sup.-][IL-17F.sup.+] Th17 cell number were plotted as a function of attachment loss for the CP patients (Figure 6).
aureus, in sites with PD increase and attachment loss after therapy, whereas no differences between those sites were observed for those in the C group.
Attachment loss increase with advancing age in CAD patients (Table I, p<0.05).
Key Words: Dentine hypersensitivity (DH), Attachment loss, Toothpaste.