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A moralist term for a politically or ethnically motivated mass-killing of civilians, as a single specific event, or a series of events, or genocide; characteristic of an atrocity is its brutal or systematic nature in violation of all moral principles; it is only justified in deviant social systems
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This legislation will make it easier for the administration to impose sanctions on the Burmese military leaders who are implicated in some of the worst atrocities facing the international community in a generation.
Mr Corbyn's spokesman denied he was implying a moral equivalence between the US campaign against Islamic State terrorists and Russia's support for the Assad regime, but added: "The focus on Russian atrocities or Syrian army atrocities - which is absolutely correct - sometimes diverts attention from other atrocities that are taking place.
It aims to urge Security Council member States not to consider a voluntary use of the veto power in case of mass atrocities committed on a large scale.
The intention of the initiative, he said "is that in case of mass atrocities, the permanent members of the Security Council would renounce voluntarily to its right of veto.
Boycotting is a legal and non-violent way of bringing pressure on Israel to stop their atrocities and end their apartheid practices.
According to the report, Gulf countries and individuals are arming and funding extremist opposition groups responsible for atrocities, while Iran and Hezbollah back the abusive government of Bashar al-Assad.
Missing is a balanced examination of the impact of atrocity allegations on the antiwar movement and the frustrating difficulty of prosecuting atrocities under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Despite a lifelong mission to prevent conflict, the EU's institutional setup makes it hard for it to stop atrocities occurring.
In a talk at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on April 23, 2012, President Obama announced the establishment of the Atrocities Prevention Board.
A number of Member States have created focal points on the responsibility to protect or internal inter-agency structures for the prevention of atrocity crimes, such as the American Government's Atrocities Prevention Board.
On 11 August 2011, President Barack Obama directed the establishment of an interagency Atrocities Prevention Board to coordinate a whole of Government approach to preventing mass atrocities and genocide.