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A moralist term for a politically or ethnically motivated mass-killing of civilians, as a single specific event, or a series of events, or genocide; characteristic of an atrocity is its brutal or systematic nature in violation of all moral principles; it is only justified in deviant social systems
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The participants also carried placards and banners condemning the atrocities of Indian forces.
'We owe the next generation a better world, where genocide and mass atrocities do not lurk at their doorstep.
Noting that no state institution in Pakistan is ready to listen to Mohajirs and others, Raza said, "The MQM could also seek assistance from the democracies of the world against the injustices, atrocities and genocide of the Mohajirs."
He blamed the rulers for not giving enough response to Indian aggression and atrocities against Kashmiris and said that it looks that they had accepted the Line of Control.
he actor has previously tweeted about the atrocities in Kashmir, taking to the social media platform to spread awareness of the situation.
He stressed that the responsibility to protect represents a legal obligation for all countries, and that all member-states of the United Nations had been bound by this commitment at least since 2005, when world leaders agreed on that unanimously in the 2005 World Summit document, which refers to the obligation of States not to kill their people and to protect them from heinous crimes or mass atrocities.
'To victims of Darfur atrocities it is a light at the end of the tunnels that at -least justice can be done by holding Bashir to account for his role in Darfur conflict,' he added.
In a Khairpur, a large number of people including Advocate Muhib Ali Shah Lakyari, Wajid Ali Mahar, Imdad Shah, Abdul Majeed Shah, Abdul Hameed Arain, Asad Muhib Shah, and children also participated in the rally besides they were chanting slogans against atrocities of India and in favor of Kashmir.
The students vowed to continue with their support for freedom of Kashmir from India and said it was not enough to only condemn Indian atrocities in the held valley.
ISLAMABAD:All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chapter on Saturday staged a protest rally in front of United Nations Office in Islamabad and demanded to take notice of Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Nusrat Wahid said Wednesday that we strongly condemned the ongoing atrocities on Kashmiris by Indian soldiers in the occupied Kashmir.