atrioventricular conduction

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conveyance of energy, as of heat, sound, or electricity.
aberrant ventricular conduction the temporary abnormal intraventricular conduction of supraventricular impulses; called also ventricular aberration.
aerial conduction (air conduction) conduction of sound waves to the organ of hearing in the inner ear through the air.
anterograde conduction
1. forward conduction of impulses through a nerve.
2. in the heart, conduction of impulses from atria to ventricles.
atrioventricular conduction (AV conduction) the conduction of atrial impulses through the atrioventricular node and the His-Purkinje system to the ventricles.
bone conduction conduction of sound waves to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.
concealed conduction conduction that is not seen on the surface electrocardiogram but may be detected by its effect on subsequent impulses; common examples are the incomplete penetration of the AV junction during atrial fibrillation, the Wenckebach type penetration during atrial flutter, and the retrograde incomplete penetration following ventricular ectopic beats.
decremental conduction a gradual decrease in the stimuli and response along a pathway of conduction; it occurs in nerve fibers with reduced membrane potentials.
retrograde conduction transmission of a cardiac impulse backward in the ventricular to atrial direction; particularly, conduction from the atrioventricular node into the atria.
saltatory conduction the rapid passage of an electric potential between the nodes of ranvier in myelinated nerve fibers, rather than along the full length of the membrane.
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a·tri·o·ven·tric·u·lar con·duc·tion (AVC),

, AV conduction
forward conduction of the cardiac impulse from atria to ventricles via the AV node or any bypass tract, represented in the electrocardiogram by the PR interval. PH conduction time is from the onset of the P wave to the first high-frequency component of the His bundle electrogram (normally 119 ± 38 msec); A-H conduction time is from the onset of the first high-frequency component of the atrial electrogram to the first high-frequency component of the His bundle electrogram (normally 92 ± 38 msec); P-A conduction time is from the onset of the P wave to the onset of the atrial electrogram (normally 27 ± 18 msec).
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atrioventricular conduction

Forward conduction of the cardiac impulse from the atria to ventricles via the atrioventricular node, represented in an electrocardiogram by the P-R interval.
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