Surgical opening of an atrium.
[atrio- + G. tomē, incision]
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After right atriotomy, LV was vented through inter atrial septum.
0 mg dexamethasone; (7) they were pregnant or lactating; (8) they had a life expectancy of <1 year; (9) they had coagulation dysfunction; (10) they had high-sensitivity carotid sinus syndrome and neurocardiogenic syncope; (11) they had intracardiac mural thrombus or suffered from ventriculotomy or atriotomy in the last 4 weeks; (12) they had heart transplantation, neuromuscular diseases, sleep apnea syndrome, and cardiac sarcoidosis; (13) they had acute or severe infection, malignant tumor, or end-stage diseases; (14) they used other medical devices that might interfere with the pacemaker; or (15) they had any other conditions unsuitable for the trial as considered by researchers.
After initiation of cardiopulmonary bypass, the mass was approached through right atriotomy.
Via a right atriotomy and transseptal approach, the rheumatic stenotic mitral valve leaflets were excised and a 29 mechanical bileaflet ST Jude valve (St.
The Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) was closed with a patch of Dacron through a right atriotomy.
All the calculations were done at the diastolic arrested heart (non-physiologic state) through left atriotomy at Waterson groove.
The cysts were approached through a right atriotomy with echocardiographic guidance and irrigated with hypertonical solution and then removed (Fig.
During right atriotomy, it was observed that there was a fossa ovalis type 1 x 2 cm ASD and the right pulmonary veins were combined and drained into the vena cava inferior by way of a truncal vein.
Biddau and colleagues (8) described the migration of the superior portion of a circumferential cerclage wire to the heart likely through the venous system for which the patient had to undergo sternotomy and a right atriotomy while on cardiopulmonary bypass.
This device is contraindicated in patients with active systemic infection, those with an intracardiac mural thrombus, or those who have had a ventriculotomy or atriotomy in the preceding 4 weeks, and in patients with cryoglobulinemia.
Infected lead was extracted by the use of cardiopulmonary bypass through right atriotomy incision with concommitant bypass and implantation of epicardial DDD-R pacemaker.
Increased cTnI has been reported after difficult positioning of intracardiac catheters in adults and, similarly, after atriotomy performed in children undergoing cardiac surgery (8).