Surgical opening of an atrium.
[atrio- + G. tomē, incision]
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The cysts were approached through a right atriotomy with echocardiographic guidance and irrigated with hypertonical solution and then removed (Fig.
During right atriotomy, it was observed that there was a fossa ovalis type 1 x 2 cm ASD and the right pulmonary veins were combined and drained into the vena cava inferior by way of a truncal vein.
Biddau and colleagues (8) described the migration of the superior portion of a circumferential cerclage wire to the heart likely through the venous system for which the patient had to undergo sternotomy and a right atriotomy while on cardiopulmonary bypass.
Also, in order to enhance intraatrial conduction, the left atrium dome transverse atriotomy was relocated to the posterior.
This device is contraindicated in patients with active systemic infection, those with an intracardiac mural thrombus, or those who have had a ventriculotomy or atriotomy in the preceding 4 weeks, and in patients with cryoglobulinemia.
Infected lead was extracted by the use of cardiopulmonary bypass through right atriotomy incision with concommitant bypass and implantation of epicardial DDD-R pacemaker.
Increased cTnI has been reported after difficult positioning of intracardiac catheters in adults and, similarly, after atriotomy performed in children undergoing cardiac surgery (8).
The company has completed the TRACE (Treatment of Functional Mitral Regurgitation without Atriotomy or Cardiopulmonary Bypass Clinical Evaluation) feasibility study conducted outside the United States with 34 patients implanted.
The mechanical trauma to the heart during CABG is very small; however, right atriotomy was performed in all of our patients for cannulation of the great vessels.
Conventional methods including a fluid-filling test with syringes immediately before closure of atriotomy incision is not reliable because the spatial arrangement of the mitral apparatus and the LV differs from that of a contracting ventricle (29).