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Pertaining to atomism or atomistic psychology.
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g] of the copolymer VB was determined from the averages obtained using atomistically detailed molecular dynamics simulations, (7) which were performed using the Materials Studio (MS) suite of the company Accelrys.
26) Recent Supreme Court opinions are cast in a rhetoric suggesting that establishment claims centre on atomistically conceived individual rights.
The close link to policy analysis often violates the scholar's Hippocratic Oath, harming rather than healing by framing policy recommendations in light of simplistic theories of the firm as a production function, capital fi nance as fraud, and the market as either atomistically competitive or monopolistically foreclosed.
The avant-garde, on the other hand, constantly re-invents the wheel, with the result that each work is not so much "individual" as atomistically isolated from its context.
with reference both to their local syntactic and stylistic environments and to the overall characteristics of that witness - than atomistically, as they normally appear in a standard critical edition.
When treated atomistically, innovations in products and services can be implemented by individual intermediaries unilaterally and rather quickly.
Such a study promises to be cleaner, because it overcomes variations in the sender-receiver relationship and affords more sensitive measurement of any sender effect as mentations generated as a string of selected statements can be judged both holistically (blind judging of mentations, rank ordering all clips in the pool) and atomistically (number of statements originally coined for the target clip that were selected as part of the mentation vs.
Moreover, the neutralists falsely believe that the most basic concerns of individuals are those that can be evaluated atomistically rather than holistically: for them, distributing money equally is a greater concern than fostering the proper conditions for friendship.
Socialism, for all its emphasis upon the state, views human beings atomistically, and therefore--as Bishop John Keane pointed out in his 1892 review of Rerum Novarum for the Quarterly Journal of Economics--the objection to socialism is really the same as the objection to capitalism.
The model could be extended to allow them to lobby, but to the extent they behave atomistically, there is no incentive for them to do so.
In this view, we are not monads of experience, unfolding atomistically through time.
This is very welcome; however, the work would have benefited materially from further revision since the author does not investigate sufficiently the impact of these new data on the work's literary development, but treats the readings atomistically.