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Pertaining to atomism or atomistic psychology.
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The collective gain can be made evident to the atomistic consumers.
As to Kirk's (c), the synopsis (table 1 above) shows that Theophrastus assigned to Anaximander the theory of single successive worlds, that is, a doctrine quite different from the Atomistic one, and therefore the possibility that in crediting Anaximander with plural worlds Theophrastus in one or another way confused his ideas with those of the Atomists, is simply out of the question.
If, rather than being an atomistic unit, the firm is in fact an amalgamation of stakeholder groups, then clearly the idea of a corporate objective is something of a misnomer.
Because of their undeniable face validity (communication to a reader) and wide use in schools, however, holistic judgments are included in the present study as the chief criterion against which atomistic scoring methods are compared.
All of these theories seek to explain discrimination within the atomistic institutions of the market.
Mechanical engineers today can work with the existing atomistic models, and can make an enormous contribution to understanding the potential of advanced nanomachinery.
Indeed as the meme of atomistic individualism, itself an empty signifier, grows stronger in Western culture, the perceived need for the unity of the One, or the People, to provide stability grows as well (Fischer, 2008).
at the deus exlex of nominalism and at the overly apophatic approaches of contemporary theology); he persuasively corrects barbaric atomistic interpretations of the windowless monad.
Systems biology investigates the assembling of elementary parts to form complex structures structures, diverging from the atomistic approach that seeks the ever-smaller cause of everything.
Instead the critical Americans represented a progressive, cultural liberalism that was neither atomistic nor possessive but positive and universalistic (7).
We are increasingly dominated by atomistic universalists (to use his telling twist on C.
Let us hope that a holistic, incarnational understanding of faith and learning once again infuses the Church, rather than the rationalist, atomistic, confrontational approaches that so often seem to dominate our thinking.