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Pertaining to atomism or atomistic psychology.
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For this reason, it will often be the case that a single account is atomistic and holistic in different ways.
Atomistic simulations (in this case using ATK) at equilibrium are carried out once for all.
Deus, "Nonlinear mechanical behaviour of [gamma]-graphyne through an atomistic finite element model," Computational Materials Science, vol.
Each of these answers initially seems "atomistic", as none of these themes appear elsewhere in the literary unit in Leviticus 12 discussing the birthing woman.
Section 2.1 introduces the decomposition of the simulation domain; Section 2.2 includes the numerical methods of the atomistic region and the continuum region; Section 2.3 gives the configuration of the overlap region and associated coupling operations and Section 2.4 introduces the temporal coupling.
Model dust materials, such as quartz, are accessible to atomistic modeling approaches, state-of-the-art surface science, and characterization techniques, as well as crystallization and cloud chamber experiments.
and was persuaded by aspects of its atomistic natural philosophy." Lucretius "appears to be one of [Vitruvius's] strongest influences," since "he uses many of the same analytical and descriptive terms in an identical way (e.g., genus and ratio)." Vitruvius also employs scientific atomism, privileges sensory experience in the evaluation of truth, and has a habit of using the Lucretian device of multiple explanations.
For this purpose we use the atomistic doping profiling algorithm presented in previous section to extract the (x, y) locations of dopant atoms from a set of "experimental" capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements.
While there were a few scholars and even some priests who knew of the atomistic theory in the centuries that followed, its sudden reappearance in the 15th century certainly marked a large spike of interest in Lucretius' text, especially after the invention of the printing press in the middle of the 15th century.
Atomistic simulation can be used to predict the required energy for the transformation.
Atomistic agreement is designed for pluralistic competition and majority rules that always marginalize or coerce some to go along with others--the winners are "us" while the losers are "them." Holographic union is only possible when everyone shares the same ontological perspective and corollary belief system.
The answer is surprising: the atomistic approach is consistent with the principles of tort law, but is at odds with well-established, general rules for determining patent damages.