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Pertaining to atomism or atomistic psychology.
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In an approach I call the atomistic approach, they have limited damages that can be collected for indirect infringement to proven acts of direct infringement.
However, proponents of this liberalism, from Locke to Mill, defended an ontology of the human person that was atomistic and individualistic.
So even the abstract, non-sensible aspects of the physical world are understood in atomistic terms.
Relational cultures historically preceded and now live alongside atomistic cultures.
Cantor, a University of Virginia professor who won a political science award for his essay "The Simpsons: Atomistic Politics and the Nuclear Family.
It is as a result of a particular conception of rights--which I will call the atomistic conception--that the perceived need to "balance" arises.
451) Instead of nurturing an idealistic, reductionist, atomistic, and essence-bound type of historiography on Arab nationalism, these two works provide a multi-dimensional theoretical framework that analyzes events in their totality and relatedness.
Foremost among them is that the wouldly subsidence in which Penguin and Drennette's embryonic romance had gotten hung up seems to've given way - exacting a ledge, an atomistic ledge, from the lapse it rescinded.
The Nelsons have taken us forward in the work that lies ahead for bioethics--criticizing an overly atomistic account of autonomy while adding real content to the rhetoric of family values and community.
What emerges from this volume is the need not for further atomistic explorations of individual problems by individual scholars, but for more larger-scale, collaborative ventures.
in which she laments the atomistic approach of researchers and describes five studies that have subjects responding to whole pieces and passages, none of which is particularly revealing in either methods or results.
Cognition that is unconscious is specialized and atomistic, with various systems running parallel and not "speaking to each other.