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Second, although Lucretian atomism represents only one of many critical strains in De architectura, it provides an important window into Vitruvius's philosophic engagement as it relates to the tension between materialist philosophy and rhetoric of monumental permanence.
Atomism won the debate, and Mach and Ostwald changed their views, but Duhem resisted.
The weakness of the book lies in Stenger's hypothesis that atomism is atheism; his argument is not well developed.
In his epilogue, Bostock concludes that Russell placed more emphasis on logical method than on atomism [279].
Book three of the Physics of the Healing is devoted to the refutation of atomism in its different varieties, as propounded by Democritus, the Epicureans, or the mutakallimfin.
Indeed internecine conflict was a chief concern for Lucretius, whose physics, ethics, and historical context prompted analogies between civil war and atomism.
Alnoor Dhanani, The Physical Theory of Kalam (Leiden: Brill, 1994), 160ff; Shlomo Pines, Studies in Islamic Atomism, trans.
By and large, today's intellectuals side with atomism and mock age-old truths.
An even more intellectually astute Caravaggio emerges under the mature scrutiny of Elizabeth Cropper's deepening insights into the artist's ties to the controversial tendency of the period know as atomism, taken to special advantage by Caravaggio given his well-documented relationship to the real.
He studied logic--Bertrand Russell's Philosophy of Logical Atomism, and A.
He further argues that the mechanical philosophy, the origins of which have usually been traced to the recovery of Greek atomism, had roots in alchemical practice.
Reid Barbour explores Bacon's attraction to atomism as' rhetorically and conceptually accommodating' (p.