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A weapon of mass destruction powered by the fission of the nuclei of heavy atoms—e.g., plutonium-239 or uranium-235—which follows bombardment of the fuel with neutrons, resulting in a chain reaction and release of pressure, heat, light, and radiation
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dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, the curators say the city's size was appropriate for observing the effects of a weapon that had not yet been used.
But the atom bomb wasn't the only secret Air Force project that I was involved in.
Reality TV has been listed alongside the atom bomb as one of the worst ideas of all time.
1949: Russians test atom bomb. Clock moves forward to 11.57.
Nearly 50 years ago I participated in a wreath-laying at Hiroshima and saw for myself the inscription on the memorial to the first atom bomb. I was amazed at the lack of blame, and, with the passage of time, one can only marvel at the generosity and wisdom of the city's mayor in his choice of words.
The American B-29 Bockscar dropped its deadly load on Nagasaki three days after the first atom bomb landed on Hiroshima, killing at least 140,000.
Nancy Thorndike Greenspan's The End Of The Certain World: The Life And Science Of Max Born, The Nobel Physicist Who Ignited The Quantum Revolution (0738206938, $26.95) tells of a physicist forced to emigrate to England when the Nazis took over--and found his pacifist nature compromised when he discovered his findings had helped the developers of the atom bomb. Born's complete story is presented here for the first time, from his achievement of the Nobel prize as discoverer of quantum theory to his exile from Germany and his teaching of nine Nobel physicists in turn.
The Rosenbergs, Theodore Hall, and other Soviet agents delivered our most sensitive atom bomb secrets to the enemy.
Dear is sufficiently judgmental h imself to question whether the dropping of the atom bomb was justified, and to decide that it was not.
* Indigenous production as well as overt and covert procurement of natural uranium compounds for use in an atom bomb
When in opposition he demanded an inquiry into the cancer deaths of atom bomb test veterans in the Pacific, a scandal first exposed fifteen years ago by this newspaper.