Relating to the atlas and the occipital bone.
Synonym(s): atlo-occipital
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, atlantooccipital (ăt-lan″tō-ok-sip′tĭ-ăl) [ atlanto- + occipital]
Pert. to the atlas and the occipital bones.
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The C2-C3 cervical intervertebral disc, the atlantooccipital joint, and the C3-C4 facet joint also can cause CH (9,10).
Others have theorized that Chiari-1 malformation, cervical spina bifida occulta, cervical scoliosis, Klippel-Feil deformity, atlantoaxial assimilation, atlantooccipital fusion, and basilar invagination maybe developmental variants along a spectrum of severity common to the base of the skull and upper cervical spine [6].
After reduction, computed tomography was performed and we confirmed the complete reduction of both the atlantooccipital joint and the atlantoaxial joint (Figure 2).
Cervical spine malformations and craniovertebral junction abnormalities which lead to hypermobility of atlantooccipital joints, give rise to neurological and vascular symptoms.
The cranial base's cartilages are known to resist compression [27] and the atlantooccipital joint is primarily under static strain [28].
The beam of the C-arm was oriented to expose the atlantooccipital and axial joints.
Thereby, either anterior or posterior longitudinal ligaments were left intact as well as the joint capsules C0/C1 and C1/2 and the atlantoaxial and atlantooccipital ligaments.
However, pediatric anesthetists and intensivists are concerned about optimal glottic visulaization and try to facilitate intubation by using some techniques such as head positioning.8 The age of children is the most important factor of head posture.9 The sniffing position can be ensured by placing a pillow under the occiput of the patient and results in atlantooccipital extension and cervical flexion.10
Al realizarle una resonancia magnetica de imagen y de angiografia, se determinaron arterias vertebrales tortuosas y compresion del surco preolivar secundario a una estenosis del canal hipogloso, debido a una malformacion de la articulacion atlantooccipital.