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adjective Referring to an athlete or sport activity.

athletic (athlet´ik),

adj pertaining to a bodily constitution characterized by a strong, muscular, robust appearance.
athletic injuries, injuries sustained by persons while engaged in sports, more frequently while engaged in contact sports such as football.

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Q. what else besides athletes foot can cause painful itchy burn tops of toes if the toes are bumped they throb and it hurts to flex toes, small red spots on toes

A. maybe only an allergic reaction is able to do so. but i would go on the athlete foot theory. or as they say "it's much more common to find horses and not zebras in America" 99% of the time it's an athlete foot. but it's o.k- it's relatively easy treatment.

Q. Can someone know what sport requires the highest degree of fitness from its athletes? I wanted to be a great sportsman. I am from a family where fitness is given least importance. My father is diabetic and my mom from obesity. They have sick lifestyle and weird food pattern. They do not exercise at all and would laugh at me every time when I wear my shoes. I am normal but they just ignore me and think that I cannot be a sportsman. I would love to get moving and show this world that I can achieve my dreams. May father want me to help him and he is a truck driver. He eats 10 times per day and has never tried exercising his whole life. Already doctors have advice him and found that he has more cholesterol but he just phewphews them laughing. I think I have a great lesson from my parents on how not to be and I am very much interested in sports. Can someone know what sport requires the highest degree of fitness from its athletes?

A. it's good to hear you are taking responsibility over your health, it's not taken for granted. most sports, if you want to get in to Olympic standard,needs a great fitness. but i can tell you that swimming needs great physical strength, so is running and bicycle racing. so you can go do triathlon!

Q. What can I do to help prevent arthritis in my older ages? I’m 17 and a martial artist and in martial arts getting arthritis is one of the worst possible things that could happen to you and it can be career ruining. What are some foods I can eat exercises I can do to help prevent this from happening.

A. I found some info about arthritis prevention:
Arthritis Prevention Tips

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A stylish flat-coat, like his descendent, the golden, has "tight-end" athleticism.
All of our coaches focused on selling the idea that multi-jointed movements were more useful from a sport-training viewpoint, and that the building of strength, speed, and agility were the cornerstones of improvements in athleticism.
With his athleticism alone, the 6-foot-3 Anderson was able to win his races in a league that didn't offer much competition.
They provide a world to play through racialized notions of black athleticism in exaggerated forms.
He said: `'Star:track promotes athleticism in all events and gives the children taking part an insight into most disciplines so they can find out in which run, jump or throw they excel.
Of course, here within this precious and often narrow comer of academia we who so dote on sports novels and sports literature are always playing in front of a home crowd--earning with very little effort enthusiastic kudos from audiences already convinced of the significance of sports and athleticism as meaningful.
No longer is UCLA's practice dominated by tight end Marcedes Lewis, who used his freakish size and athleticism to snatch passes galore in practice.
Another highpoint is the explosive athleticism and intense musicality of the New York-based ASzURe & Artists (see "Dance Mailers," p.
Freeman penned the biography of out Aussie footballer Ian Roberts, and Bondi Classic offers a similar mix of masculine athleticism and a gay eye for male beauty.
I was always attracted to motorcycles and skateboards, things where my creativity could supplement my athleticism.
The Negro Leagues emphasized speed, with famous pitching battles, and dramatic showdowns with top teams, but most importantly, it was about skill, quality and athleticism.