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Relating to or affected by atheroma.
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Relating to or affected by atheroma.
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(ath?e-ro'ma) plural.atheromata [ athero- + -oma]
Fatty degeneration or thickening of the walls of the larger arteries occurring in atherosclerosis.
See: arteriosclerosisatheromatous (-o'mat-us), adjective
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The present study analyzed adult individuals of both genders, Afro-descendants, with cardiovascular risk factors, inhabitants of Quilombola remnant communities, and found no evidence of an independent association between serum levels of 25(OH)D and C-IMT, as well as the presence of carotid atheromatous plaques.
Our series presented some peculiarities: the relatively advanced age of the patients, the clear predominance of the male sex, the atheromatous etiology, and the involvement of the right coronary artery.
The present study is the first to demonstrate that combination therapy with SGLT2i and DPP-4i synergistically suppresses macrophage foam cell formation in type 2 diabetic mice and atheromatous plaque formation in diabetic, dyslipidemic mice.
By means of the software aid, we measured at the ascending portion of aorta the external elastic lamina perimeter (PE); the internal elastic lamina perimeter (PI); the area of the middle layer (AM); potential lumen of the vessel (LP), vessel lumen without the plaque; the real lumen of the vessel (LR), vessel lumen with the plaque; the area of atheromatous plaque (AP); and the percentage of vessel obstruction (% Obs).
Review of the literature has suggested that serum tryptase may be considered as a new marker of the instability of atheromatous plaque with regard to the existence of mastocytes in heart tissue.
The trial, 'Impact of an optimised Omega 3 formulation on the biochemical and histopathological composition of atheromatous plaques in patients to undergo carotid endarectomy', will evaluate the histomorphological, biochemical and immunological status of the vascular plaque.
Apparently, the patient had extensive atheromatous lesions, located proximally from the thrombosis (the branching of the iliac arteries).
For example, we can get a closer view of the atheromatous plaque using the computed tomography(CT), intravascular ultrasound(IVUS), Magnetic resonance imaging(MR) and optical coherent tomography(OCT).
Indeed, evidence has suggested that CRP may only potentiate vulnerability of the atheromatous plaque and formation of thrombi, rather than participate in the buildup of atheromas per se [11], highlighting the need for further research on CRP.
Administration of high fat diet along with cholesterol to rabbits caused a bulging structure of atheromatous plaque at intimal surface (Figure 3).
Over the last years, it has been demonstrated that platelets participate not only in thrombotic complications of atheromatous lesion, but also in the initiation and progression of the plaque [7], contributing to the endothelial activation and modulation of inflammatory process, which favor the initiation and formation of atheromatous lesions and their subsequent thrombotic complications [8].
She also had history of severe carotid atherosclerosis and underwent right endarterectomy (surgical technique to eradicate the atheromatous plaque material).