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Minireview: adiposity, inflammation, and atherogenesis.
CAL induces turbulent blood flow, a rheologic phenomenon known to induce both neointimalization and atherogenesis.
Although experimental animal lesions do not mimic human atherogenesis exactly, similarities have prompted human intervention studies directed against C.
These survey findings align with the fact that use of corticosteroids, particularly the high-dose and/or long-term use that is common in the treatment of SLE, is associated with a variety of side effects including increased risk of infection, osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, accelerated atherogenesis, Cushingoid features and weight gain.
Insulin resistance is known to increase atherogenesis and atherosclerotic plaque instability resulting in greater risk for MI.
Dysfunction of the endothelium in large- and medium-sized arteries plays a central role in atherogenesis.
Activated platelets binding to LOX-1 induces the generation of ROS in endothelial cells, which may decrease endothelial function and involve atherogenesis (Cominacini et al.
20) Endothelial cell dysfunction is widely accepted as an initial lesion in atherogenesis (4) and can be reversed with effective treatment.
New guidelines on dyslipidemia and the prevention of atherogenesis give official sanction to something endocrinologists have been doing for years: lowering LDL targets to below 70 mg/ dL for all very high-risk patients.
Inflammation has been proposed to play a critical role in the multiple stages of coronary heart disease, including atherogenesis, thrombogenesis, and myocardial damage after ischemia (4, 5).
The authors report that endogenous mitochondrial oxidative stress may be an important CVD risk factor that can modulate atherogenesis and cytokine-induced endothelial cell oxidant generation.