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Absorbing radiant heat; not permeable to heat rays.
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It plays multiple roles in coagulation and fibrinolytic pathways, placental homeostasis, athermanous plaque formation, endothelial cell activation, and apoptotic mechanisms [39].
This does not necessarily mean an athermanous spot, but it could be an inflamed endothelial lining and thus be a rheumatoid arteriopathy.
delta, eta, phi, san = pheasant-tailed (W2) eta, mu, rho, san = athermanous eta, nu, pi, rho = euphoriant eta, nu, psi, rho = euphoriants eta, nu, rho, san = anantherous (W2) eta, pi, rho, san = Phanariotes (W2), Shaitanpore (Mare) eta, psi, rho, san = Aristophanes (RHD)