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Gen X chronicler Jeff Gordinier has written that Gen Xers suffer from "athazagoraphobia," which is "an abnormal and persistent fear of being forgotten or ignored, but they've been waiting-sometimes not so patiently-for upper management credit union gigs, and their upbringing lends a certain amount a of street smarts to their credit union employers."
In a set that ran the gamut from tightly crafted sestinas about unusual phobias - such as "Athazagoraphobia: Fear of Being Ignored" - to a meditation on choosing his own rap name (he sometimes performs under the name Versiz), May proved to be a poet on the pivot point between several schools of poetic thought, melding elements more commonly associated with slam or academia into poems that burned with vibrancy.
Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten or ignored - I'm sorry, who are you?
a fear of beards Caligynephobia a fear of beautiful women Ergasiophobia a fear of work of any kind Rupophobia a fear of dirt Athazagoraphobia a fear of forgetting things