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Abbreviation for atmosphere absolute.


1. One atmosphere absolute, i.e., the air pressure found at sea level on earth.
2. American Telemedicine Association.
3. American Tinnitus Association.
4. Alliance for Technology Access.


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More than 130 people were on board the plane to Atar.
Atar assessed the diagnostic value of handheld echocardiography in 70 patients who presented to the ER with chest pain and a normal or nondiagnostic initial ECG.
Although most of the Project resources are focused on assistance to Afghanistan, ATAR plans to operate in four Central Asian countries (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) to support each country s objectives to advance regional integration and trade.
Atar community response to Sudan Tribune article on the resignation of Pigi Commissioner.
Japan's Kenjiro Shinozuka won the stage, the longest section of the contest covering some 375 miles between Bir Mogrein and Atar in Mauritania, despite a pun cture setback.