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Abbreviation for atmosphere absolute.


1. One atmosphere absolute, i.e., the air pressure found at sea level on earth.
2. American Telemedicine Association.
3. American Tinnitus Association.
4. Alliance for Technology Access.


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Friday afternoon, Peter, the eldest brother, who had taken us under his wing, asked Atar and I to accompany him to the town of Hohoe.
Atar and I watched a nearby soccer game for a while but tired of that too.
community inhabited area, was added to the 20,000 Atar people to make
north Pigi constituency -- something Atar community leaders reject.
Under development since 1994, the ATARS is the Marines' all-weather tactical reconnaissance system consisting of one low-altitude and one medium-altitude electro-optical sensor, an infrared linescanner, and two tape transport recorder units.
Only a limited number of ATARS are being procured for the Marines.
The ATARS uses EO sensors that work primarily in the visible spectrum and an IR linescanner (IRLS), developed by Lockheed Martin IR Imaging Systems, as was the IRLS used in the TARPS.
The ATARS was finishing its design and development, preparing to enter validation, verification and operational testing, when NATO began its air campaign over Yugoslavia.
The Air Force has agreed to deliver some of the existing ATARS equipment to the Navy, which also would have benefitted from the system.
The cancellation of the program leaves open the question of how the ATARS capability will be replaced.