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pertaining to or characterized by ataxia; marked by incoordination or irregularity.
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(a-tak'se-a, a?) [Gr. ataxia, lack of order]
Defective muscular coordination, esp. that manifested when voluntary muscular movements are attempted. atacticataxic (a-tak'tik, a?) (a-tak'sik, a?), adjective

alcoholic ataxia

In chronic alcoholism, ataxia due to a loss of proprioception.

bulbar ataxia

Ataxia due to a lesion in the medulla oblongata or pons.

cerebellar ataxia

Ataxia due to cerebellar disease.

choreic ataxia

Ataxia in patients with chorea.

Friedreich ataxia

See: Friedreich, Nikolaus

hysterical ataxia

Ataxia of leg muscles due to somatoform disorders.

limb ataxia

Inability to make smooth, coordinated movements of an arm or a leg, as when trying to touch an examiner's finger with an index finger or when trying to run one's right or left heel straight down the opposite shin. Limb ataxia is present when a limb that has no deficits in strength wobbles during movement or misses its target.

locomotor ataxia

Tabes dorsalis.

Marie ataxia

See: Marie, Pierre Marie

motor ataxia

Inability to perform coordinated muscle movements.

optic ataxia

Loss of hand-eye coordination in reaching for an object one has seen, due to damage to visually dedicated regions of the cerebral cortex.

sensory ataxia

Ataxia due to interference in conduction of sensory responses, esp. proprioceptive impulses from muscles. The condition becomes aggravated when the eyes are closed.
See: Romberg sign; spinal ataxia

spinal ataxia

Ataxia due to spinal cord disease.

static ataxia

Loss of deep sensibility, causing inability to preserve equilibrium in standing.
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