at-risk pregnancy

'at-risk' pregnancy

Obstetrics A pregnancy at risk for spontaneous abortion–an event occurring in 20-60% of all pregnancies. See Abortion.
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It always strikes me how little emphasis is placed on including the sexual partners of women with serious medical problems in the dialogue about responsibility for at-risk pregnancy. As advocates for women's health, we should educate the couple about vasectomy and liberally provide referrals.
Each chapter focuses on a different component of maternity or pediatric nursing care, including general concepts, women's health throughout the lifespan, pregnancy and birth, at-risk pregnancy and childbirth, at-risk newborns, child health promotion, health supervision and assessment of children, care in diverse settings and for special needs children, pediatric interventions, pain management, and nursing management of children's health disorders, with drug guides, case studies, health education guidelines, common laboratory and diagnostic tests, tables of common medical treatments, nursing care plans, nursing procedures, and information on assessment and management.
Unfortunately, Makena's maker then announced a price for the drug of $1,500 per dose, or $30,000 per at-risk pregnancy. An uproar has ensued, especially since Medicaid funds nearly 50%-60% of all pregnancies in the United States.
The text covers relevant trends and issues in nursing practice, female anatomy, common concerns, and all aspects of routine and at-risk pregnancy, childbirth and aftercare.