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1. the part of the upper limb from the shoulder to the elbow; called also brachium.
2. in common usage, the entire upper limb.
3. a slender part or extension that projects from a main structure.
brawny arm a hard, swollen condition of the arm due to lymphedema following mastectomy.
chromosome arm either of the two segments of the chromosome separated by the centromere. The arms are equal in length when the centromere is in the median position and are unequal when the centromere is off center; the symbol p indicates the short arm and q the long arm.
Chromosome arms. From Dorland's, 2000.
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(arm), [TA]
1. The segment of the upper limb between the shoulder and the elbow. Synonym(s): brachio-, brachium (1)
2. An anatomic extension resembling an arm.
3. A specifically shaped and positioned extension of a removable partial denture framework.
4. One set of cases or participants in an epidemiologic study, especially a randomized controlled trial, in which comparisons or contrasts are being made between sets.
5. Colloquially, the entire upper limb.
[L. armus, forequarter of an animal; G. harmos, a shoulder joint]
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1. An upper limb of the human body, connecting the hand and wrist to the shoulder.
2. A part similar to a human arm, such as the forelimb of an animal or a long part projecting from a central support in a machine.

armed (ärmd) adj.
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(1) Brachium. The part of the upper extremity from the shoulder to the elbow
(2) A part of the appendicular skeleton which includes the free part of the upper extremity (pars libera membri superioris [TA]) from the humerus to the finger tips.

Evidence-based medicine
A sequence of epochs (time intervals) during which treatment is consistent, defining the course of a subject’s participation in a trial.
The “side” on which a patient in a controlled clinical trial is placed, which is usually either a treatment/experimental arm, or a placebo/control (non-treated) arm, assigned in a random fashion.

Vox populi (Medspeak)
Upper extremity.


Abbreviation for:
age-related maculopathy
anaesthesia-resistant memory
anorectal malformation
anorectal manometry
artificial rupture of membranes
Association of Radical Midwives (Medspeak-UK)
ATP regulatory module
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Oncology The 'side' on which a Pt in clinical trial is placed, which is usually either a treatment arm or a placebo arm, and assigned in a random fashion. See Control arm, Treatment arm, Q arm.
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(ahrm) [TA]
1. The segment of the upper limb between the shoulder and the elbow; colloquially, the whole upper limb.
Synonym(s): brachium (1) [TA] , brachio- (1) .
2. An anatomic extension resembling an arm.
3. A specifically shaped and positioned extension of a removable partial denture framework. See this page.
[L. armus, forequarter of an animal; G. harmos, a shoulder joint]
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1. In anatomy, the upper extremity from shoulder to elbow.
2. In clinical experimentation or research science, a treatment protocol in which subjects are enrolled.
Enlarge picture
MUSCLES OF THE ARM: Anterior and posterior views.
3. In popular usage, the entire upper extremity, from shoulder to hand. See: illustration
3. In research on a therapeutic agent, one of several possible interventions. Most clinical trials include an active treatment arm – in which participants are exposed to the agent that is under study – as well as a placebo arm – that is, a sham therapy used for the purpose of contrast or comparison.

articulated arm

A jointed instrument used in imaging and in therapeutic procedures (e.g., to permit stereotactic localization of deep anatomical structures; to guide the collection of ultrasonic images; or to focus or direct laser energy).

Boston arm

See: Boston arm

brawny arm

Hard, swollen arm caused by lymphedema after mastectomy.

carrying angle of arm

Carrying angle.

Saturday-night arm

A colloquial term for musculospiral paralysis.
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(ahrm) [TA]
1. A specifically shaped and positioned extension of a removable partial denture framework.
2. In technical speech and writing, avoid using this word in the colloquial sense of 'upper limb.' The segment of the upper limb between the shoulder and the elbow.
3. An anatomic extension resembling an arm.
[L. armus, forequarter of an animal; G. harmos, a shoulder joint]
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Patient discussion about arm

Q. I have a constant pain in the inside part of my arm. What can it be? In the last few weeks I have noticed that I have a right arm pain. The strange thing is that the pain is in a specific point in the inside part of the arm, very near to the elbow. I thnk the pain started for the first time during a baseball game but I am not sure. I work in a factory and as I sad before I use my right arm for baseball, and this pain hinders me. What can it be?

A. I myself play a lot as a pitcher, and i have the same pain. It is more painful when the forearm is flexed towards the body.
I went to my GP about it because it drove me nuts, and he said that I need to take anti-inflammatory drugs, and if it will not work he will inject me something.
he prescribed me a great medication and I didn't need the injection.

Q. I developed an AV Fistula after a heart catherization procedure. I am bleeding through the tissues in left arm I am on coumadin, but currently have a lower than usual INR. Corrective surgery was scheduled for yesterday, but had to be delayed. I am concerned that I have a large amount of blood (dark red) bleeding though the tissues right under the skin in my left arm. Should I seek immediate medical attention? The bleeding is over approximately a 3 and 1/2" area on my left arm. Came about in a period of a few minutes.

A. well, you are on blood thinners. i wouldn't take the chance. i mean- i'm not sure i follow what is happening over there. it could be a severe problem or nothing. i would let a doctor check it out. the worse thing that could happen is you wasting a day at the hospital, on the other end of that scenario- you can end up dead. i would go with the first one.

Q. My son displays behavior such as hooting, screeching, flapping arms, "chicken" dancing, rocking... Hi members, please help me to choose the right way. My son displays behavior such as hooting, screeching, flapping arms, "chicken" dancing, rocking, bouncing, jumping, limited repetitive play skills, low self esteem, difficulty commencing and occasionally sustaining adult directed tasks, difficulty maintaining relationships with adults and peers, he becomes easily frustrated and will become physically and verbally aggressive, can overreact to being touched, easily distracted by noise, short attention span, likes routine and finds it difficult to change task, difficulty listening, and difficulty following verbal instructions. He is like this at home and school. I have been told by the local NHS group that he is not autistic because of his parent’s separation and divorce in his early life and he does not present these behaviors as a "pervasive feature". Instead they suggest he needs a hearing check and he has "neuro developmental immaturities". What is your opinion? Should I get a second opinion?

A. if you ask me - they could be right. anyway i would be careful from over-the-net-diagnosis. their specialist saw the child and examined his behavior, he probably know what he is doing. and even if you are not sure- get a second opinion. can't hurt can it?

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First, it is far from clear how to determine whether two partnerships, persons and partnerships, and members of partnerships and the partnerships of which they are members are dealing at arm's length. Partnerships are not themselves taxable under the Act; they are treated as taxpayers essentially as a computational device to determine income and loss allocable, and only taxable, to their members.
Consequently, the same tolerances for imprecision, ranges of possibly acceptable results, and dependence on facts and circumstances remain.(38) A clue in this regard is found in the definition of "arm's length transfer price." Although the term is not used in subsection 247(2), the provision does refer to "a" transfer price that would have been appropriate had the parties to a transaction been dealing at arm's length. Furthermore, the notion of arm's length as it has been developed for transfer pricing analysis and as it is reflected, for example, in the OECD Guidelines and the Draft Circular, shows considerable sensitivity to implementing transfer pricing rules and practices in a way that sensibly reflects taxpayers' circumstances.
Cash management and other intercompany services provided at arm's length did not constitute a unitary flow of value.
The Institute has participated in the development of an APA procedure in the United States, and is pleased to have a similar opportunity with respect to the Canadian procedure.(1) For many taxpayers, obtaining an APA will doubtlessly reduce the uncertainty in ascertaining whether a particular price will be deemed to satisfy the requirement of dealing with related parties as though at arm's length. In the comments that follow, TEI sets forth its specific recommendations to improve the Information Circular (IC) and provide taxpayers with adequate information to assess whether to pursue an APA.
According to Notice 2003-47, the IRS will insist on immediate income inclusion of the value of the deferred payment for the options, regardless of whether the sale is at arm's length. However, the notice's press release states that it has no affect on transactions between option holders and the persons to whom the services were rendered.
1.83-7T(a) states, "a sale or other disposition of [an] option to a person related to the service provider "is, per se, not at arm's length. "Related" person" is as defined by Secs.
Inasmuch as a pricing case is normally factual, the taxpayer's evidence typically shows that the disputed amount would have been reasonable in the circumstances had the parties been dealing at arm's length. A statement by the Minister that the amount was not reasonable is a conclusion based upon the facts assumed by the Minister.
Given the uncertainty surrounding foreign governments' acceptance of the regulations and the granting of correlative relief, TEI proposes that a rebuttable presumption be established that a transaction is at arm's length where related foreign parties repatriate at least 50 percent of operating income through royalties and management fees.
Further, the expenses were not ordinary and necessary and the transactions were not at arm's length.
(14) This pattern, for example, is seen in Canada where subsections 69(2) and (3) of the Canadian Income Tax Act require prices that "would have been reasonable had the parties been dealing at arm's length." The only elaboration on the statutory rule is set forth in a non-binding governmental information release, Information Circular 87-2, International Transfer Pricing and Other International Transactions (Feb.
This analysis effectively attributes to taxpayers engaged in related-party transactions an amount of operating income somewhere within a range -- referred to as the "comparable profit interval" (CPI) -- that the taxpayers would have earned had their performance been equivalent to comparable businesses operating at arm's length. The CPI concept represents important progress, providing a measure of flexibility to taxpayers, since, until recently, the IRS thought in terms of only a single correct transfer price.
If the option is disposed of before it is exercised, the tax treatment of the transaction depends on whether the disposition is at arm's length. If it is, the transferor recognizes compensation income at the time of the disposition equal to the amount realized over the amount (if any) paid for the option.