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1. pertaining to asynchronism.
2. in cardiac pacing terminology, said of a pacemaker that cannot sense any spontaneous underlying cardiac electrical activity, so that pacing is done at a fixed, constant rate.
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(ā″sing′krŏ-nizm) [ ¹an- + synchronism]
1. The failure of events to occur in time with each other as they usually do.
2. Incoordination.
asynchronous (-nŭs), adjective
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With communication delay, the asynchronously coupled form of the algorithm (4) is given by
A folder could be created for each team and students on a particular team could place files or documents in perspective folders and work on it asynchronously.
The feedback can be responded to asynchronously by the facilitator.
"So now storage administrators can manage SSD volumes differently because they've paid a premium for that disk."<p>Derrington said administrators can run Storage Foundation directly on a physical server in order to replicate or migrate data across multiple virtual servers over any distance to a single physical machine or any number of virtual machines.<p>Veritas Storage Foundation's SmartMove technology, together with Veritas Volume Replicator, now enables enterprises to migrate from typical data sets to thin storage over any distance asynchronously. The SmartMove software replicates only the storage that is being used by the application, increasing the efficiency of data and full array migrations.
Through SANSSpace, teachers and students can communicate with other users in real time or asynchronously. But what makes SANSSpace particularly beneficial to language instructors and students is the built-in digital language recorder, allowing them to work with audio and video content, record a dialogue, save, compare, and assess.
Comes with two conveyor lanes that can be operated asynchronously at different speeds and asymmetrically with different lane widths.
Parallel test capabilities handle up to 32 tests simultaneously on up to 64 channels, and all SMU channels can synchronously or asynchronously conduct the same or different tests on channels in the system.
Student interaction with their classmates and faculty require the ability to "connect" with the course either synchronously (real time) or asynchronously (on their own time) and thus can provide convenience to "attend" the class anytime: 2417.
"They get the feeling of being there," says Kemp, and "they can see me in the classroom." The main problem with Second Life, says Kemp, is that students have to sign on at the same time to be involved in class, which means that it might not be the best option for students who are learning asynchronously, coming into online learning communities from time zones around the world.
Using electronic methods to disseminate information and communicate asynchronously among groups is very effectively used in the world today.
He explains how to download assets asynchronously, and shows how to create hybrid applications that mix Silverlight content with HTML or Flash content.
A ladder from Knorr was lowered three to four feet down to Tioga, and crew members above and below firmly held onto the transferee's arms and shoulders as the vessels bobbed asynchronously in the waves.

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