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Online conversations and group assignments in an asynchronous course should implement order cognitive skills (e.g., Gillespie, 1998).
Since in creating an electromagnetic torque in asynchronous mode the starting winding is decisive, in order to obtain adequate results, we consider the real circuits formed by its rods [10], between which there are nonlinear mutual inductive connections due to the saturation of the magnetic core.
To see the students' perceptions about the use of asynchronous e-learning activities at higher education level.
Asynchronous online tutoring warrants further examination for several reasons.
Each of the 4 discussion weeks included a transcription for the asynchronous discussion and the synchronous discussion, resulting in a total of eight transcripts.
"Asynchronous Sequential Machine Design and Analysis: A Comprehensive Development of the Design and Analysis of Clock-Independent State Machines and Systems" San Mateo, CA, USA Morgan.
This provides a response to the study 1 hypothesis, which considers the need to establish whether the effectiveness on the mental health of prison inmates treated in the synchronous and asynchronous telepsychiatry modalities is the same.
Finally, the novel asynchronous data fusion algorithm has been built according to the state-space model and UKF.
As we know, in real applications, the only information we have is the indirect observations [Y.sup.k] = {[y.sup.i.sub.k], k' = 1, ..., k, i = 1, ..., M} from the M asynchronous sensors, in that, to obtain the fused estimate [[??].sub.k] of degradation state according to (13) and (14), we need to estimate unknown parameters [THETA] = {[eta], [[sigma].sup.2], [h.sup.m], [r.sup.m]} at first.
Scher hope to enroll 150 patients in the asynchronous telepsychiatry program at the University of California, Davis.
This mode usually needs to be programmed by a cardiologist prior to and after the MRI scan which leaves the patient in asynchronous mode for a longer period of time than required by the MRI scan itself.
If asynchronous execution takes less total time to finish than synchronous execution, why would anybody choose synchronous execution?