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Pertaining to a limiting value, for example of a dependent variable, when the independent variable approaches zero or infinity.
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Pertaining to a limiting value (e.g., a dependent variable) when the independent variable approaches zero or infinity.
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The difference between these two models was influenced greatly by the asymptote, and this feature must be considered because the [L.sub.50] is an important management quantity.
If the BMR is 50 (classical EC50 values), a small shift of the asymptote above or below 100 plays only a minor role, especially if the slope of the curve is high.
The Logistic (dashed line) and Gompertz (solid line) fits estimate a similar value for [B.sub.max], the maximum growth level, and have slightly different shapes before asymptote toward [B.sub.max].
(3) At plateau for broken line or 95% of upper asymptote for exponential (Robbins et al [25]).
Approximate 95% confidence limits Approximate Parameter Estimate standard error Lower Upper Asymptote 79.6108 26.2964 23.5614 135.7 Curve -0.1119 0.1109 -0.3483 0.1244 Shift -3.7450 2.6720 -9.4403 1.9503
Thereafter, along the outbound asymptote 2K will exceed U, and hence quanta will be acquired from the surrounding vacuum to the local gravitational potential energy comprising the body and the spacecraft to regain the balance eventually when far away.
If these patterns are extended, that results in an asymptote below 100-150 Mbps, which will in all likelihood be the rate offered on the 5G networks.
It is worth mentioning that in three cases the region of stability is above the curve in the interval to the right of the asymptote, while in one case stability region is below the curve in the interval to the right of the asymptote.
He criticizes (rightly in this reviewer's opinion) Kurzweil's tendency to see various phenomena as exhibiting exponential growth into the distant future rather than as S-curves trending toward an asymptote.
The first three phases of the growth curve are described by the growth parameters such as the maximum specific growth rate defined as the tangent in the inflection point [micro]max, [lambda], the x-axis intercept of the tangent and the asymptote, maximum value reached.
The asymptote will be very close to the hyperbola when the seismic source locates far from sensors as shown in Figure 1.

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