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First, persons can become asymptomatically infected by cycling back into the A class at the same force of infection to which S persons are subjected [[lambda](t)].
Many children can also carry GAS or be asymptomatically infected (4).
Transmission of Salmonella is more likely to be associated with contaminated food that has been improperly prepared than with contamination of food by asymptomatically infected food handlers [2].
aureus is biologically able to asymptomatically colonize the nares of healthy people8.
The herpes virus carried asymptomatically by the Nubian ibex can be life-threatening to hoofed animals but cannot be transmitted to humans.
meningitidis often colonizes the nasopharynx asymptomatically and can be transmitted by asymptomatic carriers, it is not possible to ascertain how the outbreak strain of NmC was introduced into this population.
These 2 unrecognized subclinical TBEV infections were serologically diagnosed, demonstrating that humans who are particularly at risk for tick bites are partly asymptomatically infected with TBEV in Hokkaido.
While some of these persons do not become clinically ill, they maintain disease transmission because some asymptomatically infected persons are viremic and infectious to mosquitoes.
1 Candida is asymptomatically present in the oral cavity of many individuals, with the posterior part of the dorsum of the tongue being the favourite habitat.
All 47 assessed tapirs were reported in good health conditions on clinical examination, even the three animals that had the highest titer (800), suggesting that in this species the infection probably occurs asymptomatically, as observed in most affected species (DUBEY & JONES, 2008).
of those who remained asymptomatically hypotensive without intervention), 18 went on to become symptomatically unwell.

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