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This stage is also known as asymptomatic HIV infection. Virus is developing at such low level that even HIV cannot be detected with specific laboratory tests.
Initiation of antiretroviral therapy in early asymptomatic HIV infection. N Engl J Med 2015;373:795-807.
Supreme Court provided the analytical steps listed above in arriving at its holding that, under the ADA, asymptomatic HIV infection is a disability.
[10] In a previous report, [8] it was also demonstrated that patients with asymptomatic HIV infection or a CD4 cell count >500 cells/[micro]L did not develop asymptomatic hyperamylasaemia or acute pancreatitis over a 1-year period.
(1) Research on this area has tried to define if chronic asymptomatic HIV infection could be the direct cause of these symptoms or some kind of induction agent capable of triggering an early presentation of neurodegenerative diseases that would develop regardless at older age, and whether treatment choices for HIV influence the occurrence of these conditions as protective or harmful agents.
Neutropenia develops in both early, asymptomatic HIV infection and advanced AIDS in about 10 and 50% patients respectively.
Neuropsychological signs and symptoms of at least mild extent have been found in approximately 30% of persons with asymptomatic HIV infection and about 50% of individuals with AIDS.
HIV infected group: Consists of 57 participants aged 37 [plus or minus] 10 years (male = 20, females = 37) with HIV infection without concurrent malaria infection and 30 of these participants presented with 'symptomatic HIV infection' while the remaining 27 participants presented with 'asymptomatic HIV infection'.
As the viral load increased, the length of asymptomatic HIV infection reduced: 9.7 years for 10 000 copies/ml, 4.9 years for 100 000 copies/ml, and 2.1 years for a million copies/ml.
Prostatic cancer in a patient with asymptomatic HIV infection: are some lives more equal than others?
Abbott that even asymptomatic HIV infection is a protected disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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