astral travel

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astral travel,

n the belief in or experience of disembodied consciousness (i.e., the “astral body”) moving into other nonphysical realms (i.e., the “astral plane”). Also called
astral projection, mind projection, OBE, or
out-of-body experience.
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Instead, she gravitated toward a kind of proto-New Age spirituality infused with a strong measure of the occult: tarot, trances, and astral travel.
The section on "Information Talents" reviews people's experiences with telepathy, dowsing, astral travel, Near Death Experiences, etc.
Jocelyn Sylvester-Gairy of Astral Travel & Tours in Brooklyn, New York, suggests you do your homework.
The site, which features books on everything from astral travel to psychology to Toltec wisdom, is currently the only one of its kind.
Any who wish to experience astral travel needs A COURSE IN ASTRAL TRAVEL AND DREAMS: it's a complete program in 'how to', not just a philosophy course, and it provides beginners with all the details needed to know about the Astral plane and how to connect to it and use it.
From astral travel to predictions, new practitioners receive a fine set of updated magic tools.
Psychic protection, also said to help astral travel.
Sylvia explores the differences between ghosts and spirits, and defines such terms as visitations, astral travel, psychic attacks and kinetic energy.
Amanda believes it is her psychic and artistic ability which causes the orbs to respond and she has noticed some of her paintings of the moon and astral travel are like hot spots.
Seeing an apparition, having a Near Death, Out-of-Body or Afterlife experience, Astral projection and Astral travel all give us a brief glimpse of the Spiritual realm.
Citrine is useful if you are interested in Clairvoyance, Healing, Astral Travel, Aura Cleansing, Cosmic Awareness, Telepathy, Meditation and Psychic Communication.