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Relating to or suffering from asthenopia.
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Relating to or suffering from asthenopia.
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(as?the-no'pe-a) [Gr. asthenes, weak + -opia]
Weakness or tiring of the eyes accompanied by pain, headache, and dim vision. Symptoms include pain in or around the eyes; headache, usually aggravated by using the eyes for close work; fatigue; vertigo; and reflex symptoms such as nausea, twitching of facial muscles, or migraine. asthenopic (-nop'ik), adjective Synonym: eyestrain

accommodative asthenopia

Asthenopia due to strain of the ciliary muscles.

muscular asthenopia

Asthenopia due to weakness of the extrinsic ocular muscles.
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In the group with strongly expressed asthenopic complaints another type of correlative relation is observed.
The symptoms that indicate on the health damages caused by poor lighting are fast tiring, headache, asthenopic symptoms (eyestrain, tired, soft and dry eyes), ocular surface related symptoms such as watery eyes and irritated eyes, decrease of concentration abilities and stress.