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Relating to or suffering from asthenopia.


Relating to or suffering from asthenopia.


(as?the-no'pe-a) [Gr. asthenes, weak + -opia]
Weakness or tiring of the eyes accompanied by pain, headache, and dim vision. Symptoms include pain in or around the eyes; headache, usually aggravated by using the eyes for close work; fatigue; vertigo; and reflex symptoms such as nausea, twitching of facial muscles, or migraine. asthenopic (-nop'ik), adjective Synonym: eyestrain

accommodative asthenopia

Asthenopia due to strain of the ciliary muscles.

muscular asthenopia

Asthenopia due to weakness of the extrinsic ocular muscles.
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In the group with strongly expressed asthenopic complaints another type of correlative relation is observed.
unit) Note: * validity of differences when p<0,05; ** values, obtained from individuals of the same age which didn't use PC are accepted as the standard Table 2: Intergroup correlative analysis in the group with weakly expressed asthenopic complaints.