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Resembling a star.
[G. astēr, star, + eidos, resemblance]
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A Study To Evaluate the Effect of Rosuvastatin on Intravascular Ultrasound-Derived Coronary Atheroma Burden. A trial assessing—with intravascular ultrasound and quantitative coronary angiography—the effect of an intense statin therapy (with rosuvastatin) on regression of coronary atheromas in patients with coronary artery disease.
Conclusion Very low LDL-cholesterol levels (below guidelines), when accompanied by raised HDL-cholesterol, can regress, or partially reverse, plaque buildup in coronary arteries.
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According to CNEOS, the asteroid's next near-Earth approach will happen on Aug.
Then, in 2024, they would send out three space probes that would try to break up and deflect the asteroid. Since a small piece was still heading towards Manhattan in 2027, the emergency team initiated a mass evacuation of the city, even as they raised awareness of the threat to politicians and the public through events.
This is to minimise the accumulation of dust on the panels during the sample gathering process and to minimise damage to the spacecraft in case it tips over and gets uncomfortably close to the asteroid. NASA has developed a touch-and-go sample gathering arm, which hangs below the spacecraft.
Besides national prestige, there has long been interest in the commercial exploitation of the asteroids. While the main asteroid belt is quite difficult to access, a small selection of asteroids fly quite close to the Earth and these so called 'Near Earth Asteroids' would be relatively easy to find.
Asteroids are rocky leftovers from the formation of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago.
Identifying the very oldest asteroid families, those billions of years old, is challenging, because over time, a family spreads out.
Hundreds of miles separate asteroid from asteroid, so a spacecraft tends not to have any problem navigating the asteroid belt to reach the outer solar system.
Asteroid Initiatives LLC ( was founded to unlock the economic potential of deep space through asteroid exploration and economic development.
NASA challenged the public and amateur scientists delivered, coming up with a software application that can help identify more asteroids, some of which endanger our planet.
One new feature is a speeding bullet: the spacecraft's Small Carry-on Impactor will use an explosive device to shoot a 2-kg copper projectile at the asteroid at a velocity of 2 km/sec (4,000 mph).
The idea that Mars may shake up the surface of an asteroid is a surprising one: As Binzel points out, the planet is one-third the size of Earth, and one-tenth as massive-and therefore exerts a far weaker gravitational pull on surrounding objects.
He specialises in asteroid science, including asteroid discovery, orbit computation, and photometry.