assumption of risk

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as·sump·tion of risk

(ă-sŭmpshŭn risk)
A defense against negligence in the law of torts; notional acceptance of the hazard or danger associated with an activity by accepting, following, or otherwise doing or attempting such activities.
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assumption of risk

A doctrine of law whereby the plaintiff assumes the risk of medical treatment or procedures and may not recover damages for injuries sustained as a result of the known and described dangers and risks.
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The court of appeals held that assumption of risk is a complete defense to malpractice.
The doctrine of assumption of risk dictates that "by engaging in a sport or recreational activity, a participant consents to those commonly appreciated risks which are inherent in and arise out of the nature of the sport generally and flow from such participation" (Morgan v State of New York, 90 NY2d 471).
Soderberg sued Anderson for negligence but the district court granted summary judgment to Anderson, who had argued that "based on undisputed facts and the doctrine of implied primary assumption of risk, he owed Soderberg no duty of care and was entitled to judgment as a matter of law."
As an initial matter, reliance on the assumption of risk doctrine
Now, let us impose the assumption of risk neutrality on future-forward buyers of the currency j (future forward sellers of currency i) and interest parity.
As to Coomer's first point, that a mascot throwing hotdogs at fans is not an inherent or unavoidable risk of playing baseball, the appellate court reversed the trial court, finding that the trial court erred in instructing the jury on implied assumption of risk. (42) The appellate court explained that inherent risks of an activity are "perfectly obvious or fully comprehended" and represent dangers that are "known and appreciated." (43) The instruction to the jury, concerning whether a hotdog thrown by a mascot was an inherent risk of watching a Royals home game, was in error because that is a question for the court, not for the jury.
Baseball spectators' assumption of risk: Is it "fair" or "foul"?
The doctrine of primary assumption of risk is an exception to the general rule that all persons have a duty to use due care to avoid injury to others.
Part II articulates how these two controversies can be understood as symptoms of the same problem: the assumption of risk doctrine.
element of insurance, the assumption of risk. (53) As the Barberton
One roadblock is the assumption of risk. Risk of liabilities prevents OEMs from outsourcing several services.

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