assortive mating

non-random mating

Mating between two genetically compatible organisms in which the pairing combinations are influenced or controlled in some fashion.
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(7) The second problem is associated with assortive mating. (8) If the estimated equation suffers from unobserved variables that affect compensation packages of both spouses, then assortive mating will cause a positive correlation between Hs and the error terms in Equation (2), [v.sub.i], and Equation (1), [[epsilon].sub.i].
Again, firm size, the same as spousal health insurance, may produce biased results due to assortive mating. In this case, if couples with low unobserved productivity factors take low-paying jobs with small firms that do not offer health insurance, then there will be a positive correlation between spousal firm size and the error term in the earnings equation.
Assortive mating. It doesn't sound very sexy and it isn't.
This selection program also included three cycles of phenotypic assortive mating directed toward the development of low-growing plants.