association system

as·so·ci·a·tion sys·tem

groups or tracts of nerve fibers interconnecting different regions of a single major subdivision of the central nervous system, such as the various areas of the cerebral cortex or the various segments of the spinal cord.
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assigning the trade name, updating the record of shareholders, participation in chambers of commerce, amendment of partners' contracts, updating of data, electronic association system, online power of attorney, publishing in (Amali My Business) newspaper.
In addition, even the ACLI members that do not write LTCI recognize the importance of the guaranty association system and the protection it provides for consumers, Ferguson said.
The Regimental Association System exists to instill a sense of the past and an appreciation of Soldiers who previously served.
Target: Shippenville Borough Wastewater System, Paint Township Water System, McEwensville Municipal Authority system, Abbey Woods Homeowners Association system
The businessmen also complained that the GDCD had no clear standards for safety, to which the latter responded that it applied the National Fire Protection Association system, which determines the required safety systems according to the type of risk involved.
The freeze had caused the carrier to miss payments to suppliers leading to it being suspended from an International Air Transport Association system used by travel agents to sell tickets.
Five tenders requesting offers from accredited agents for the supply of (a) a complete microarray system for the whole genome association system, (b) a gas chromatography/ single quadruple mass spectrometer, (c) a fully automated, bench top, random access immunoassay analyzer, (d) a flow cytometer, also (e) a color doppler ultrasound.
The teenager plays outside the Lawn Tennis Association system and is supported by dad Simon, who has guided both his career and that of sister Naomi, the British women's number four.
The teenager plays outside the Lawn Tennis Association system and is supported by dad Simon, who has guided the career of both him and sister Naomi, the British women's number four.
In 2002 an association system was founded to meet benefactors and people in need within the scope of TV.
The Awali Bowling Club committee decided to adhere and implement the new association system in running tournaments where two trials of 12 games are allowed for each player.
In 2005, Portland began a comprehensive review of its thirty-five-year-old neighborhood association system.
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