association mechanism

as·so·ci·a·tion mech·a·nism

the cerebral mechanism whereby the memory of past sensations may be compared or associated with present ones.
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The association mechanism analysis of the diseases will be conducive to maintenance of the tunnel diseases and improvement of the subway operation safety.
Wei and Su conducted relational analysis on disease data of 343 key tunnels out of 2787 tunnels administered by Chengdu Railway Bureau and excavated the hidden association mechanism of the tunnel diseases.
This paper tried to explore a great amount of extant tunnel defect data by systematically analyzing the subway tunnel diseases and found out the association mechanism hidden in the tunnel disease data.
Referring to the relevant documents and combining with the practice of prevention and control of the tunnel diseases, this paper took the elementary event of [I.sub.g](i) > 0.4 as the mining object of the association mechanism of the tunnel diseases:
Through calculation of the occurrence probability of the tunnel diseases and importance analysis of the elementary events, we obtained the major object for mining the association mechanism of the subway tunnel diseases.
Association Mechanism Mining of Subway Tunnel Diseases
A second commonly proposed rationale for expecting a sales advantage of 99 endings could be referred to as the association mechanism. Through a process of "incidental" or low-involvement learning (Postman, 1964; Hawkins and Hoch, 1992), consumers may come to associate a particular price ending with characteristics of the marketing context in which that price ending is often used.
Thus, the potential existed for the association mechanism to cause greater sales for the 99-ending version of the catalog.
On the other hand, the results are also consistent with an association mechanism. An increased impression of discount or low price may well have led the 99-ending catalog customers to make larger purchases.
Variables such as the degree to which consumers associate the tested price ending with low or high prices and with low or high quality, and the importance of such associations for the products being used in the test, would be relevant to the role the association mechanism might play.
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