associated movements

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as·so·ci·at·ed move·ments

normal involuntary limb movements that accompany voluntary movement, for example, arm swing with walking.
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as·so·ci·at·ed move·ments

(ă-sōsē-ā-tĕd mūvmĕnts)
Normal involuntary limb movements that accompany voluntary movement, e.g., arm swing with walking.
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al Qaeda and Associated Movements, on September 14, 2001, Congress
Indeed, this is why al-Qa'ida has invested so much of its energy in recent years to strengthening the capabilities of its allied, affiliated or associated movements in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia in particular--and over the past three years in Nigeria and surrounding West African countries as well.
We're just going to have to see C* how much impact that will have on the strength on Al-Qaeda and its associated movements, but that's yet to be seen," Rodriguez said.
Al Qaida and associated movements have developed a very sophisticated network, extending from the geographical world to the virtual world, he added.
LT Cox supported the Coalition mission in Afghanistan which was to conduct full spectrum operations throughout the Combined Joint Operational Area to defeat Al Qaida and associated movements, establish enduring Afghan security structure and reshape its posture for the long war in order to set conditions for long-term stability.
He added: "What we are planning against is the defeat of al Qaida and its associated movements."
Sir John Gieve, Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, added that there was "no doubt" that Britain remained a target for al Qaida and its associated movements.
The assessment involves timed performance and associated movements on a set of simple and complex motor tests, including repetitive, alternating, and sequential movements, peg-board tests, and static and dynamic balance.
Are these politics strongly there in the third wave, and in associated movements like the S11 and M1 mobilisations, or is the third wave less concerned with incorporation and recuperation than was the second because the range and depth of the goals have shrunk?
Blavatsky's theosophy, along with associated movements of figures such as Krishnamurti, helped to form the spiritual ethos of the West Coast in the 1960s, fostering both Buddhism and New Ageism.
The Terrorist Perspectives Project; strategic and operational views of Al Qaida and associated movements.

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