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noun A Scientology term for an action intended to help a person overcome effects of past mental trauma. 

verb To support, help or be present during an operation.


American Stop Smoking Intervention Study. A grassroots initiative funded by the US government, which is intended to help individuals stop smoking based on the success of methods evaluated at the National Cancer Institute.
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It was hard for me at this time to understand how a woman of her education and social standing could take such delight in performing such service, in order to assist in the elevation of an unfortunate race.
I was supremely happy in the opportunity of being able to assist somebody else.
During the time that I was a student at Hampton my older brother, John, not only assisted me all that he could, but worked all of the time in the coal-mines in order to support the family.
Price: he assisted her liberally in the education and disposal of her sons as they became old enough for a determinate pursuit; and Fanny, though almost totally separated from her family, was sensible of the truest satisfaction in hearing of any kindness towards them, or of anything at all promising in their situation or conduct.
Godfrey unconsciously assisted me in concealing what I was about from Rachel, by speaking composing words to her at the other end of the room.
Before I could offer to assist him he had found what he wanted.
And I shall have a service to ask of you afterwards, if you don't object to assist me."
It is again needless to say that, so far from objecting, I was all eagerness to assist her.
Setting: EG: Gonzalez 13 assists, LaRue 10 assists.
Madison Kim had 2 goals and an assist for the Patriots (10-1-2), whose other contributors included Abby Kalou (assist), Krissy Hill (goal, 2 assists), Myah Schoolman (goal, assist), Tess Koleno (assist), Emma Ramagnano (2 assists) and Alyssa Bende (goal, assist).
The internal gas holds the rim of the part against the mold surface to aid cooling, and enables the rim to seal off the periphery of the part, which assists the external gas step.
Adaptation of the learning environment to compensate for physical and cognitive deficits assists the child's academic performance.