assistive listening device

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as·sis·tive lis·ten·ing de·vice

(ALD) (ă-sis'tiv lis'ĕn-ing dĕ-vīs')
Any device that improves sound perception for listeners with hearing impairments; usually applied to devices such as closed-loop FM systems used in addition to or instead of hearing aids.
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Telecoils (T-coils) and hearing loops are the least expensive assistive listening devices. A T-coil is a small copper wire built into most hearing aids and cochlear implants.
It is striking to me that with the benefit to communication and general quality of life hearing aids and assistive listening devices have, many insurance agencies still consider them essentially "cosmetic." Other pressing issues include working toward increased screening of hearing loss in infants, improved classroom acoustics, public education as to appropriate expectations for hearing aids and assistive listening devices, and the role of audiologist in hearing health care.
Mount Baker Theatre now offers free assistive listening devices with FM receivers that get transmission directly from the theater's audio system.
If you have trouble hearing but aren't ready for a hearing aid, assistive listening devices (ALDs) may help.
(3) When a proper screening program is in place and assistive listening devices are used, continuing decreases in quality of life and functional abilities can be stabilized.
The telecoil also provides access to an array of assistive listening devices, so users can fully experience movies, concerts, and plays and can hear more clearly in classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and places of worship.
These include sign language and oral interpreters; captioning media; real-time captioning; amplification, headphones, and assistive listening devices; notetakers and copying notes; visual aids, visual reinforcements, and visual warning systems; written assignments, written exams, and alternative lab work; electronic mail and written communication; communication assistance, peer support, and extended time; and seating, pacing, and alternative arrangements.
The purpose of the article is to present the advantages and disadvantages of ALDs, audiologist assessment and rehabilitation counseling considerations, and a discussion of types of assistive listening devices.
* Assistive listening devices for people with hearing disabilities may be available for as little as $825 through William Sound System, 800-328-6190, or may be available through various agencies.
I have seen those children, thanks in part to the assistive listening devices and the oral and sign interpreters made possible by IDEA, run with their educational opportunity and achieve success.
Adaptive equipment includes assistive listening devices (Personal FM Systems and hard-wired devices), assistive signaling devices (for the doorbell, telephone, smoke alarm, alarm clock, and for paging), telephone devices (TDD's, large display TDD's, Telebrailles, and amplifiers), closed-circuit televisions, braille devices, television amplifiers, closed caption units, and mobility flashlights.
The majority of ADA regulations concerning physical accessibility deal with architectural aspects, such as the width of doorways, the slope of ramps, the readability of signs, and the location of assistive listening devices. The study focused on the extent to which businesses and government agencies had met the accessibility standards.

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