assistive device

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assistive device

Public health Any device designed or adapted to help people with physical or emotional disorders to perform actions, tasks, and activities. See Americans with Disabilities Act, Architectural barriers, Assistive technology.
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as·sis·tive tech·nol·o·gy

(ă-sis'tiv tek-nol'ŏ-jē)
Any piece of equipment or device used to maintain or promote function in someone with a disability. Can range from low (e.g., walking stick) to high (e.g., computerized communication device).
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Out of total 138 participants included in the study it was observed that those who need walking devices among them majority 20 (43.5%) need Lower Limb Orthosis, those with visual aids need, mostly among them need spectacles 11 (44.0%), ones with hearing and communication devices need, most of them need speech therapy 16 (64.0%), those with the need for assistive devices to accomplish day-to-day tasks, majority 19 (95.0%) had the need for chair for shower, bath or toilet and those who require devices to manage the disease/health condition most of them 16 (76.2%) had the need for Lower limb orthosis (table-III).
Visit the Elderly and Disabled Assistive Devices Market 2013-2020 report
In Phase II which was done a week later, all the procedure performed in Phase I was repeated except that the walk using different assistive devices was carried out in four minutes (4-minute walk).
The Psychosocial Impact of Assistive Devices Scale (PIADS) [3] and the Cane Cognitive Mediator Scale (CCMS) [4] also measure perceptions of assistive device use in older adults.
Figure 1 shows the assistive device being used in the distance view during a titration.
WASHINGTON -- Offering interventions to improve balance and ensure proper functioning of assistive devices can cut the incidence of falls by half in older people, researchers found.
In the 'Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities', States are given the responsibility to ensure the development and supply of assistive devices for people with disabilities with an objective of assisting them 'to increase their level of independence in their daily living and to exercise their rights'.
Associations between fall group and nominal parameters (e.g., presence of orthostatic hypotension, training on assistive device) were made using chi square analysis.
Refresher courses are held every March--emergency safety month-- and on quarterly "equipment days." Additional training is held whenever a new technique or assistive device is added to the program.
The movement toward inclusive classrooms has facilitated development of less expensive and more versatile assistive devices.[2]
The awareness of the existence of a hearing loss and the acceptance of the need for an assistive device are critical steps in adjUstment to hearing aids.
The system works when eye motion is tracked and analyzed, before the information is exported through an assistive device that allows the individual to communicate with others.

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