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noun A Scientology term for an action intended to help a person overcome effects of past mental trauma. 

verb To support, help or be present during an operation.


American Stop Smoking Intervention Study. A grassroots initiative funded by the US government, which is intended to help individuals stop smoking based on the success of methods evaluated at the National Cancer Institute.
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This study has identified a number of different assistive devices for people affected by leprosy used to prevent impairments and facilitate functioning.
Riemer-Reiss (2003) reported that enhancement in rehabilitation professionals' assistive technology training and education was related to an increase in their AT selection and referral.
The resolution emphasized that considering one billion people need assistive technology and that as global population ages and the prevalence of non-communicable diseases increases, this figure will rise to more than two billion by 2050.
The resolution further called for providing the necessary technical and capacity-building support for member states, aligned with national priorities, in the development of national assistive technology policies and programmes, including procurement and financing, regulation, training for health and social services, appropriate service delivery, and inclusive barrier-free environments.
The acquisition offers an assistive listening solution for smart phones that utilises existing wireless networks for plug and play audio streaming.
According to estimates, the global market for elderly and disabled assistive devices projected to cross $26 billion by 2024, indicating the growing role of assistive technology toward empowering those with disabilities.
The Social Security Administration asked the National Academies to convene a committee of experts to examine selected assistive products and technologies--wheelchairs and other seated mobility devices, upper-limb prostheses and hearing and speech assistive technologies--and assess the extent to which people have access to and use these devices, as well as the extent to which the devices support occupational success.
The company will be the official gold sponsor for Assistive TechX 2017, a unique expo dedicated towards creating awareness on how assistive technology empowers people with disabilities and encourages their inclusion in mainstream community.
These agreements will play an important role in developing the assistive technology sector in Qatar and in the region, through implementations and advisory on the best practices when it comes to education for PwD," said Maha al-Mansouri, CEO, Mada.
IDEIA also describes the need for assistive technology services, which it describes as "any service that directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device" (IDEIA, 2004).
can only be improved through the use of an assistive device.
Assistive technology is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities.