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noun A Scientology term for an action intended to help a person overcome effects of past mental trauma. 

verb To support, help or be present during an operation.


American Stop Smoking Intervention Study. A grassroots initiative funded by the US government, which is intended to help individuals stop smoking based on the success of methods evaluated at the National Cancer Institute.
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Fitchburg: Ayla Rivera, Certificate in Medical Assisting; Daniel Comeau, Certificate in Culinary Arts; Sasha Johnson*, Certificate in Medical Assisting; Janice Kennefick**, Certificate in Medical Assisting; Beatrice LeBlanc, Associates in Science in Medical Assisting; Felicia Levesque*, Certificate in Medical Assisting; Sashay Montero, Certificate in Medical Assisting; Sahira Santiago, Certificate in Medical Assisting; Jelissa Vicioso*, Certificate in Medical Assisting.
She has been active as an advocate for dental assisting legislation and has spoken at open hearings regarding this type of legislation on several occasions in Rhode Island.
A variety of "indirect" activities have been found to constitute aiding and assisting; thus, Sec.
The first set of rehabilitation interventions in the proposed typology (see Figure 1) refers to rehabilitation procedures geared toward assisting the client in (re) integrating into his or her community (including the home environment), through the provision of appropriate physical-skills-oriented services directed at the person himself or herself.
Baldwinville: Gretchen Kulczyk *, Certificate in Medical Assisting
This level of moderately complex tasks would require fewer than two years of full time or up to four years of part time dental assisting experience or up to 12 months of formal (ADA accredited and ADAA approved) education or training in order to perform this level of tasks.
During the spring of his final year, he was placed in a part-time supported employment position at an automobile dealership, where he worked 15 hours a week assisting with the dealer preparation of new cars and cleaning and polishing used cars.
Auburn: Elizabeth Edmonds, Associate in Science in Office Administration: Legal; Ruth Kaseta **, Associate in Science in Medical Assisting; Aaron Voisine *, Culinary Arts Certificate.
I wanted to learn more about dental assisting and patient care, so I enrolled in a formal education program in Dental Assisting in 1991 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
An additional benefit is increased efficiency in staffing, i.e., while the caregiver is assisting a resident with his bathing, dressing and so on, he or she may also be able to perform other duties, rather than having to call someone to dust off a countertop or clean a bathroom.
Auburn: Debbie Bourassa**, Medical Office; Karen Coffey-Doherty*, Emergency Medical Technician; Kathleen Demas**, Associate in Science in Medical Assisting; Brenda Grady*, Associate in Science in Office Administration: Medical; Brittany Grady, Culinary Arts; Tamari Malpass*, Associate in Science in Medical Assisting; Erin Perkins*, Associate in Science in Medical Assisting;
The awards ceremonies at the First House of Delegates were opened by then-president Kay Mosley, CDA, who explained that the ADAA Distinguished Corporate Award is presented annually to an individual from a dental or dental-related company who has, through personal and professional efforts, enhanced the dental assisting profession as well as our association.