assisted mechanical ventilation

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mechanical ventilation

Mechanically assisted respiration in which inspiration is driven at a preset frequency or triggered by the patient.
PO2 < 60 mm Hg, despite non-interventional efforts (mask, bronchodilators, diuretics and physical therapy); chest wall restriction (kyphoscoliosis, thoracoplasty, COPD); CNS and brainstem disease (central apnoea); primary alveolar hypertension, tumours, vascular malformation; degenerative disease (Shy-Drager disease, spinocerebellar degeneration); neuromuscular disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, myopathy, phrenic nerve damage, poliomyelitis, spinal cord disease (cervical trauma, quadriplegia, syringomyelia).

assisted mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation, see there.
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Contract notice: Assign services related to the provision of care in the home of high intensity for assisted mechanical ventilation or continuous still suffering from serious disabilities of the usl rm h.

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