assisted conception

as·sist·ed con·cep·tion

(ă-sistĕd kŏn-sepshŭn)
Creation of an embryo through the use of medical procedures.
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Dr Richard Mendelsohn, Chief Medical Officer for the CCG, said: "All patients in Birmingham and Solihull have the same level of access to NHS-funded assisted conception services.
In tandem with the wide use of assisted conception and the development of newer techniques of assisted conception, ethical issues associated with the use of these technologies have arisen.
Celia (VLW 01--011) that a child born through assisted conception to a woman in a same-sex civil union that later became a marriage is considered a child born of the parties for purposes of a divorce decree.
Dr Kolade, speaking at the annual symposium of Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria, Oyo State Chapter, with the theme, 'Assisted Conception' said this should be encouraged since the level of fertility declines with age.
The observed increases in maternal morbidity persisted after controlling for assisted conception and comorbid medical conditions.
Sarah Banks, 35, of Elland, whose toddler son Jack was born following treatment at Calderdale Royal Infirmary's Assisted Conception Unit, believes there is a need for a self-help organisation because the quest for a baby can be so traumatic and isolating.
(2) Other proposed risk factors for ROP include respiratory distress syndrome, prolonged mechanical ventilation, blood transfusion, sepsis, assisted conception and multiple births.
Whether created by legislation or judicial decisions, most provinces have laws for parentage, both with respect to children born through surrogacy and assisted conception. While these policies have been receiving some attention from legal scholars (Kelly 2009; Busby and Vun 2010; Nelson 2013b), they have been largely ignored by the comparative and Canadian public policy and public administration literature on ARTs.
Their findings shed light on human embryonic development and help research into cell reprogramming and assisted conception.
PLANS to improve access to assisted conception treatment including IVF have been given the goahead.
"Compared with spontaneous conceptions in couples with no record of infertility, singleton babies from assisted conception were almost twice as likely to be stillborn, more than twice as likely to be preterm, almost three times as likely to have very low birth weight, and twice as likely to die within the first 28 days of birth," the study leader, Professor Michael Davies from the University of Adelaide's Robinson Institute, said.