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noun A Scientology term for an action intended to help a person overcome effects of past mental trauma. 

verb To support, help or be present during an operation.


American Stop Smoking Intervention Study. A grassroots initiative funded by the US government, which is intended to help individuals stop smoking based on the success of methods evaluated at the National Cancer Institute.
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The acquisition includes Scandinavian Court Assisted Living, Brenwood Park Assisted Living,Cottonwood Manor Assisted Living,Madison Pointe Senior Living,Kenosha Senior Living,Harbor View Assisted Living,McFarland Villa Assisted Living,Racine Commons Assisted Living,Riverview Village Senior Living,The Shores of Sheboygan Assisted Living,Willow Brooke Senior Living,Stoughton Meadows Assisted Living,Meadow View Assisted Living,Mountain Terrace Senior Living as well as Cranberry Court Assisted Living.
Many people are surprised to learn that the average length of stay in assisted living is just a little more than two years (27 months).
As a result, Sending Out Ireland's Poor is an important addition to the burgeoning literature on the Irish diaspora, illuminating an important aspect of Irish migration that is usually either neglected in general works or confined to studies focusing on only one host country or on a particular assisted emigration program.
The next important trend was the number of large assisted living portfolio sales that were completed, showing the beginnings of consolidation taking place in the industry.
When the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco ruled that individuals have a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, it specifically targeted the handicapped as ``beneficiaries'' when it stated that it may be acceptable for ``competent, terminally ill adults to take the economic welfare of their families and loved ones into consideration'' when deciding whether to live or die, and defended the use of assisted suicide to control medical costs.
While there has been a lot of hype about luxury assisted living coming to New York City, Atlantic has actually brought two projects to fruition in the New York City marketplace, and we fully expect to continue pushing our output," remarked Altheim, who served as Chief Executive Officer of H.
It is true that we have failed to establish a recognized constitutional right to assisted suicide and that this decision does not provide immediate help to suffering patients who want to end their agony.
The first time Baker proposed that NAPWA endorse the right to physician-assisted suicide, which he prefers to call assisted death, the group's board said no.
He uses his skills as a journalist to present his arguments for assisted suicide.
Assisted Living Locators will handle placement and referral business, while CALLRN will provide case management and nursing plan care to assisted living clients.
Assisted living is designed for caregiving, not necessarily for enhancing independence, but universal design can do both.
based NIC, said the median occupancy rate for stabilized assisted living properties open 24 months or more increased 86 percent during the first quarter of 2004.