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all be rough proxies for assimilability, but the best evidence may
This understanding of defamation, however, fails to take account of what I call media necropower or contemporary media practices which reconfigure the politics of race and assimilability by making racialised bodies culturally intelligible in the current context of the war against terrorism.
Whatever the assimilability of "Parker's Back" to Irigaray's antiocular feminism, O'Connor would not, of course, wish to see her work interpreted through such a resolutely secular lens.
This remains the preferred option, allowing Australia to decide who to take on the grounds of health, employability, assimilability and need.
I might even speculate that it was the strong liturgical association of wine as blood that contributed to a widespread preference for red wine (besides its assimilability to notions of health, i.
There is no way of knowing how much of the legend the Winnemucca troupe dramatized, but it does depict, consistent with Hopkins's agenda, the assimilability of the Native Americans and their peaceful coexistence with Whites in the New World.
A more accurate approach is to determine resource assimilability for each consumer, with food web links established only for ingested resources that can be assimilated into tissue (sensu [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7 OMITTED]).
The heightened assimilability of chromium picolinate proved to have a powerful effect on improving the function of insulin, an important hormone.
Several studies microscopically examined the stomach contents of wild freshwater bivalves and revealed that algae were ingested; however, this method only allows for the investigation of recently ingested food sources and provides less information about the assimilability of each component.
103) Critics Of those who rejected the assimilability of the Kenyan Asians argued that this was unreasonable on the grounds that many Kenyan Asians were fluent in English, educated middle-class professionals, and had ties to Britain already: indeed, the only difference between a Kenyan Asian investment banker and a white accountant from Southwark was colour.
This process was part and parcel of a project that sought to demonstrate "the assimilability of the Irish, the Italian, and the Jew by explicit contrast to the Negro.
This quality of assimilability distinguishes the two women, who superficially share divine-like status and the impulses toward prophecy and martyrdom.