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The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his or her consent.
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Forensic medicine The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his/her consent. See Sexual assault, Nonsexual genital assault.

assault/interpersonal violence

A social act involving a serious abuse of power, consisting of the exertion of physical force and power over another individual with the intent of controlling, disempowering and/or injuring that individual. See Domestic violence.
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This map of Pennsylvania shows all 26 institutions with the ongoing number of nonsexual written assaults that have occurred since the beginning of each month.
During this past year, policy changes on how we respond to sexual assaults have been fast and furious, presenting new opportunities and challenges for the Military Police Regiment.
Sexual assault in the military is more likely to cause lasting sexual pain in female veterans than a history of childhood sexual abuse, according to an observational study involving interviews with more than 1,000 military women.
The CBS found that approximately 649,000 people out of approximately 5.6 million aged 20 or older were harmed in assaults of various types: 11.7% of the age group.
This weekend alone, two assaults were made against two PCSOs in Bangor on Friday night, and another officer was assaulted while making an arrest in Deiniolen on Saturday afternoon.
This is the first year that the number of assaults on officers that lead to injury has been recorded, as previously these came under the umbrella of violence with injury.
A total of 160 officers were attacked but the numbers have started to increase year on year since then, peaking last year when 308 assaults occurred - the first time it has been more than 300 in 12 years.
The FBI announced Wednesday that it receives reports of mid-air assaults "at an alarming rate," with a steady rise in the number of investigations each year since 2014.
Of these 712 attacks, 212 were physical assaults and 500 were non-physical assaults which includes verbal assaults, aggression or unco-operative behaviour.
Exclusive figures obtained by the Birmingham Mail through a Freedom of Information request show West Midlands Ambulance Service staff reported 919 assaults in Birmingham between 2013 and 2018, working out at an average of 184 assaults a year.
With every passing day, the news of a child's assault becomes more horrifying with details that can put any sane person to shame.
"Abdul Rauf, 51, of Sussex Street, Rochdale, has been charged with two section 47 assaults against two boys aged 10 and 12 and 19 charges of section 39 assault against unidentified children.